Can't decide between pizza and roast dinner? Pizza Hut has combined both

Virgin Radio

25 May 2021, 13:57

Pizza and Sunday roast dinners are top tier foods. Have you ever had to decide between the two?

Pizza Hut has made either the best thing ever, or an unholy combination.

Their Sunday dinner pizza is loaded with roast beef, sage and onion stuffing, thin slices of roast potato and red onions, on a red wine gravy base.

It'll set you back from £13.99, depending on which size you order.

If you want to get really fancy, why not pay extra for a stuffed crust? Go the whole hog.

The new pizza is part of a ‘staycation or vacation’ themed menu.

This new roast dinner pizza represents staying in the UK, while flavours from abroad include a Spanish-style chicken and chorizo pizza and Italian-style cheese and tomato bites.

If you have a sweet tooth, then you'll love this other new option: Ben & Jerry’s salted caramel cookie dough chunks costing £5.99.

Amelia Riba, chief brand officer for Pizza Hut UK, said: ‘We wanted to offer something for all occasions, by showcasing the best of British as well as offering a taste of abroad. ‘We hope the new pizzas, side and dessert offer something for everyone, and that customers get to try our incredible new Roast Dinner pizza offering.’

The new choices will be available from 700 restaurants across the UK for delivery.

However, they won't be on the dine-in menu.

Pizza Hut previously put gravy on a pizza when they teamed up with KFC for a limited edition creation that was hugely popular.

One customer wasn't so sure:  ‘Sunday dinner on a pizza? ‘Surely that’s not real.'