Are they nuts? The top 20 most boring snacks according to Brits

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25 May 2021, 09:41

The data has been crunched. Literally. According to a study, the classic crisp has been called the most boring snack by 2,000 people. Following closely behind as the most snore-some snack were bananas, rich tea biscuits, yoghurt and nuts.

The healthier carrots, rice cakes and popcorn aren't flying the snack flag either and have been compared to chewing on cardboard.

Snackers have conjured up their own combinations of food to awaken the tastebuds, like digestives dipped in ketchup and Marmite on malt loaf. We can feel the indigestion looming already. Then there's gherkins in chocolate spread and salad cream on crisps.

A spokesperson from Peperami's Ban the Bland campaign said: “A snack should be something people look forward to eating.

“However, as these results show, there’s a worrying lack of flavour hitting the tastebuds of Brits across the nation.

“It simply shouldn’t be this way – and Brits don’t have to stand for flavourless, bland snacking during the day.”

Specifially 3:48pm is the time to pick, but 49 per cent of people said they needed some eating inspiration, while 43 per cent preferred savoury to 42 per cent preferring sweet.

Flavour is key, with 48 per cent going for a tonsil tickle while 35 per cent said it needed to be something desirable.

Peperami added: “We want Brits to take a stand and right the snacking wrongs that have plagued routine for so long.

“There’s no reason people shouldn’t cast aside their ready salted crisps, of plain rich tea biscuit and enjoy something all-the-more exciting during their day."

Peperami is challenging Brits to #BanTheBland and you can get yours free by visiting

Peperami and Nutella anyone?

Top 20 most 'boring' snacks 

1. Crisps in general

2. Toast

3. Digestives

4. Bananas

5. Rich tea biscuits

6. Yoghurt

7. Ready Salted crisps

8. Nuts

9. Salt & Vinegar crisps

10. Cereal

11. Rice cakes

12. Cheese & Onion crisps

13. Popcorn

14. Dried fruits

15. Boiled eggs

16. Noodles

17. Granola bars

18. Ham

19. Carrot sticks

20. Jellied eels