People are threatening to boycott Sainsbury's following jam and cream scone row

Virgin Radio

27 Apr 2021, 15:39

We all love a good scone, but do you care enough about which order the jam and cream go in?

Shoppers in Cornwall are unimpressed when Sainsbury's used a picture of a scone with cream on the bottom and jam on top.

Cornwall residents insist that jam should go first then the cream.

A shopped spotted the "incorrect" image at a Sainsbury’s cafe in Truro, Cornwall.

Andreas Drosiadis, who runs the Mediterraneo Deli in Truro, tweeted a picture saying "How did this happen?”

'Jam first' is a characteristic example of this and Sainsbury's should have known better."

Others pointed out that Cornwall tradition says fruit scones only need butter, not cream of jam. 

One shopper fumed:  "Disgusting. They need telling. Boycott that shelf in Sainsbury's."

Another added: "That's not Cornish!"

However, one person didn't mind: “Put it together how you like and get it down your neck.”

Sainsbury’s replied on Twitter saying: “An imposter! Which store did you see this please? We'll have a word with them about this blasphemy.”

They have promised to change the picture.

A spokesperson said: “Our afternoon tea has all scone wrong in Truro! We are reviewing the customer feedback we have received.”