Sir Tom Jones says he was saved from drowning in shark-infested waters by God

Virgin Radio

20 Apr 2021, 15:24

Sir Tom Jones has shared his life or death shark-riddled saga back in 1980’s Mexico. The star told Alan Carr on his podcast Life’s A Beach about the traumatic experience in Acapulco where he thought he was destined to meet his maker - but was somehow saved.

He recalled: "Me, schmuck, thought just over this dune is the ocean... so I wander off like a fool, and I look at the calm water and think it looks lovely out there.

"I go through the breakers and start swimming out, then somebody comes looking for me, standing on the beach and I look at them and the fella’s about this big

"I swam down and hadn't moved an inch. I thought, 'This is it now.'

"I always used to take my jewellery off and put it in my man bag, for some reason I didn’t. I put my hand on my chest and still had this big cross and chain on.

"I put my hand on it and said, 'God, I'm desperate here. What do I do?' I was going to give up. I thought I'd take a load of water in and say good night.

"A voice came to me and said, 'If you think you can swim, now is the time to prove it.’

“So I start to head towards the beach, head down I go like the clappers. I'm caught in the breaker and I'm looking for the light to find what way is up, because I'm spun.

"Surely I'm going to be thrown on the beach and break my neck? The wave tossed me on to the beach."

To top it all off, once he was back on land he discovered the water was also shark infested.

Alan inquired whether it was God or “not a lifeguard with a megaphone".

Jones replied: "Definitely, on my life. Then I talked to real swimmers who said the undertow was taking you out to sea, you have to go left or right or you’ll never make it. 

“There’s no way, you must have had some divine thing. It was not your time to go.”