Aldi has a caramel cupcake flavour liqueur that tastes like Biscoff

Virgin Radio

20 Apr 2021, 14:30

Another one for Biscoff fans to add to the shopping list!

This is definitely a drink for those with a sweet tooth.

This week Aldi is releasing a caramel cupcake flavour liqueur. Apparently, it tastes just like Biscoff! 

That's one of the must-have flavours at the moment, so this is sure to be popular. 

It's been described as having "rich and creamy smooth notes of delicious caramel" and tasting like a "boozy Biscoff cupcake".

The bottle will set you back just £8.99, and it's in store from April 22nd.

What's not to love?

So how should you drink it? Aldi suggests enjoying it neat, or making cocktails with it. Yum. 

It seems our love affair with Biscoff shows no sign of waning.

Aldi reported nearly over 791,000 searches online for Biscoff-related recipes and products over lockdown.

Are you a fan?