The haunting trailer for Netflix true-crime series The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel

Virgin Radio

12 Feb 2021, 09:39

Netflix has released a nail-biting new documentary called The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel, following the death of student Elisa Lam.

The true crime story investigates the mystery surrounding many shocking crimes in the La La Land hotel and already has viewers gripped since it was released on Wednesday (10th February).

The harrowing four-part series focuses on the Cecil Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles which doesn't have the best ranking on Trip Advisor, we imagine. Even our Amy Voce who is desperate for a holiday would reject this creepy Californian crime scene.

It's been linked for years to dodgy deaths, housing serial killers and is the hotel where Canadian student Elisa Lam was staying in 2013 - until she vanished.

"Lam’s disappearance, the latest chapter in the hotel’s complex history, offers a chilling and captivating lens into one of LA’s most nefarious settings," Netflix says.

Her body was found in a water tank at the top of the hotel two weeks after she had been reported missing, with no record or footage of her ever checking into the hotel.

Chillingly, there is surveillance footage of her inside the hotel lift.

The Ted Bundy Tapes director Joe Berlinger, said of his latest project: “As a true crime documentarian, I was fascinated in 2013, when the elevator video of Elisa Lam went viral and legions of amateur detectives used the internet to try to solve the mystery of what happened to her, a 21-year-old Canadian tourist on her first trip to Los Angeles."

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