Alan Carr on 'There’s Something About Movies', nana naps and Covid-test trumping

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13 Nov 2020, 13:15

There’s nothing like a morning shot of iconic comedian Alan Carr to give your Friday a kick. The host of the film panel show is back for a third season of blockbuster banter along with team captains Jennifer Saunders and Michael Sheen.

The stand up star joined the Chris Evans Breakfast Show with Sky this morning to talk about being nominated for a prestigious Rose d'Or TV award, ‘getting so fat’ during lockdown and filming the finale for the fabulous '

Sounding slightly more gruff than usual, the comic explained his deeper, dulcet tones were because he’d just woken up. He told Chris: “I’m not a morning person that’s why I sound quite butch at the moment, so my voice is quite gravely. It’s quite a novelty for me.”

Talking about what time he goes to bed, he said: “It’s getting earlier and earlier. I’m also having a nana nap which is a real shock to me. I’m 44 now and sometimes you just wake up covered in dribble, watching .”

During his remote chat, Alan’s mobile connection appeared to be going berserk. Laughing, he told Chris: “I've put on so much weight during lockdown that my face is so fat it was pressing the digits on my mobile phone. My jowls were pressing the hashtag!”

Aside from comfort eating, the comedian is having a ball making his film show 'which is now on season 3. 

He said: “It’s been recommissioned and we’re absolutely buzzing, Chris, because we’ve been nominated for a Rose d'Or which is an amazing award, sort of like the World Cup of TV.

"We’re in with a load of other European shows so we’re absolutely buzzing. What a series we’re having. It’s great.”

Chris replied: “I’ve got one of those. I got one for You get invited to a mountain top in Switzerland and you have this really big posh dinner and then they give you your Rose d’Or. It's stunning - even I haven’t forgotten that night.”

But with the current state of the pandemic-riddled world, Alan’s night won’t be quite so glamorous. He said: “Well, it’s going to be virtual so I’ll probably be sitting here in London having a nana nap while it’s going off.

“It reminds me a bit of that show I used to do with Justin Lee Collins, because we do sketches, we do silliness, we do parodies and I can really let my hair down because I’ve got Jennifer Saunders, Michael Sheen and Tom Allen - they’re regulars on there so you know you’re going to have a lot of comedy on there anyway and it’s just so much fun, it’s what we need right now.”

The team have already filmed a festive Christmas special. He told Chris: “You know what it’s like, we filmed it back in March when it was sweltering outside and you’re wearing a Christmas jumper and you’ve just had a Calippo. You know, you’ve got your Birkenstocks on.

"That’s all done, that’s really funny, lots of Christmas parodies, lots off tinsel, it’s really funny and it’s just great. I’m just buzzing at the minute with it all.” 

The star-spangled show includes appearances from Rafe Spall, Mo Gilligan, Guz Khan, Stephen Graham, Kerry Godliman, Josh Widdicombe, Nick Frost, Phil Wang, Roisin Conaty, Kelly MacDonald, Daniel Mays, Gemma Arterton and Jonathan Ross. 

Alan said: "On the last series we had Florence Pugh on who was nominated for an Oscar. I mean, it’s insane the level of guests we have on there. Who else would have an Oscar nominee on their panel show - it's brilliant.”

Alan explained how it came to life: “It was pitched a couple of year ago. It’s from the same people who did a , so I knew I was in safe hands. I love that show. I’d been asked to go on that show for ages and I was like, ‘Oh no, they’re just going to be like bullies, like being in sports PE at school. It is the campest, gayest show ever. I've had my pants pulled down, they’ve pinched my bum, I love it.

"So it's the same people who did  and they were like, let’s do a movie show. It's basically all the fun you get in  but in a movie setting.”

In inimitable Alan style, he told Chris about a windy Covid-testing episode. He said: "The nurse came to my house to check for Covid and she couldn't get any childcare so she bought her two teenagers along and they were just sitting there looking quite grumpy. She stuck the thing so far up my nose I trumped in front of them. They think I’m the funniest person ever!”

So will Alan be busy nana-napping today? Not just yet. He excitedly told Chris: "I am going to do finale. We’ve finally got them down to the final now so although it’s drizzly outside I’m going to have a couple of hours of fabulousness at Pinewood Studios with RuPaul and Graham Norton.

"My life is just so lovely at the minute. We just have the biggest scream ever. I’m so blessed and lucky.”

Chris enquired: “Will that mean another Covid test? Will there be more trumping?” 

Alan replied: “There will be more trumping. She did a runner with that test!”

Chris said: “She wanted to make sure you were safe!”

To which Alan responded: “My pants weren’t."

Catch Alan Carr’s 'There’s Something About Movies' season 3 on Sky, Wednesday at 9pm.