Laura Hamilton on the cheapest property she sold as A Place In The Sun turns 21

Virgin Radio

26 Oct 2020, 14:39

It's one of the ultimate feel-good shows to watch, and turns 21 next month.

Laura Hamilton came on to The Chris Evans Breakfast Show with Sky this morning and had a chat with Sam Pinkham, about an absolute bargain property she found.

She recalls: "The cheapest property that I ever sold was a cave house near to Granada, and that was £19,000. That was two boys that came on the show who basically just said, Laura, we can't afford to get on the property market in the UK, so what we're going to do is we're going to club together, and we're gonna buy a holiday home in Granada in Spain."

It was quite an unusual property, says Laura "it was a cave house, right, which literally is a home built into a cave. It was amazing...  I just thought they're never gonna buy, they're just coming on for a bit of fun. They were saying some crazy things in the property, that it was going to be a party house and they were going to put a stage in the bathroom!" she laughs.

Laura was very happy to be proved wrong though: "But they bought. They said to me, we're doing this because we can't get on the property market in the UK. So we're going to buy abroad and we're going to let it out and we're going to use it as a bit of a business thing, make some money on it and then try and both raise deposits back in the UK when they can afford somewhere."

It's undoubtedly been a difficult year for many but Laura always loves the positivity that the show brings: "People are buying on the show more now than ever, and it's fantastic" she says.

"I love it. I get so emotional - I'm such an emotional person anyway - but I get so emotional when I'm in the closing chat situation and putting offers in for somebody to buy a dream home abroad when it means so much to them."

She explains: "You know, they might have had a really rubbish year, they might have had some rubbish family news or whatever. This holiday home means so much to them and you feel like you're just making such a big difference to their lives."