Sister Bliss talks about the new Faithless album and self-confidence

Virgin Radio

21 Oct 2020, 13:18

You'd be forgiven for assuming that all musicians are arrogant and know how brilliant they are, but Sister Bliss of Faithless couldn't believe people still liked them.

She joined the Chris Evans Breakfast Show with Sky this morning to talk about the new album from Faithless, called

She said the band was surprised to come back after a long hiatus to find they still had adoring fans: "We did an album in 2015, remixes of the greatest hits, we did some touring and some festivals off the back of that. There was so much love, it was incredible. We couldn't quite believe we still had an audience, so that was very reinvigorating."

Sister Bliss continues: "We just thought well, let's ride this wave. It's inspiring to think that people might actually listen to your music" she exclaims.

They've been keeping busy while they were away, she says: "I'm always writing music, it's just what I do, day in, day out. That became the rich tapestry that's become the new album, All Blessed, but we always wanted it to be a collaborative album. And so we were working with lots of different artists who brought some quite different flavours to the album this time around."

Chris couldn't believe that the band was surprised they were still loved so much: "We hear this a lot from musicians who are brilliant, whose music we've always loved since they came on the scene, and we'll always love, yet time and time again we hear people saying things like you just said: well, we didn't really think anybody still liked us!"

Sister Bliss laughed: "It is weird! I think it's an artist thing because you live in your head so much, in your personal world struggling away, trying to make sense of things and putting it into music or lyrical form."

She says it's easy to focus entirely on the music: "In a way, the outside world drops away but it moves very fast, we live in very fast-changing times and music is quite fickle in some ways. What was the hot thing last year isn't the hot thing next year."

She continues: "So I don't take any of it for granted, which is what this album is about, it's saying let's not take our blessings that we do have for granted. It's definitely one of the underlying feelings that came out of realising how much love and appreciation there was out there, that there was a space for music that also had a sort of lyrical consciousness."

New album All Blessed is out on Friday.