Play With Kate!

Virgin Radio

16 Sep 2020, 13:19

Want to take part in one of Kate Lawler's daily games? Register here and you could win... a big fat nothing!

On her show on Virgin Radio UK, every weekday from 4-7pm, Kate Lawler spins her wheel to select a game to play with a lucky listener - there's fun to be had and (no) prizes to be won.

Here's are the games the wheel can land on when Kate spins it...

21 Questions To Know Can Kate guess what object/place/person you are thinking of within 21 questions? The only problem for Kate is you can only say yes or no, which often leaves her very frustrated!Five in Ten Can you think of 5 things within 10 seconds from the subject Kate gives you? It's a lot harder than it sounds! 

Pavlova Palaver Can you work out the song Kate attempts to sing (badly) with a mouthful of Pavlova?

Kids Are Right When They Are Wrong Can your child answer as many questions as possible within 30 seconds? Now can your child answer those same questions completely wrong? That's the aim - the more wrong, the better!

Fancy playing? Let us know how we can get in touch with you below!

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