Liam Gallagher has finished recording his new album

Virgin Radio

26 May 2019, 11:26

Liam Gallagher has confirmed that his new album is complete.

The Gallagher brother has recently tweeted that the follow up to 'As You Were' is "in the bag".

Charlie Lightening, Director of Liam Gallagher's upcoming film commented on the new album and said that "People aren't gonna be disappointed with it. I think it's gonna blow people away."

The release date for the album is yet to be confirmed and "is a continuation of 'As You Were' but it's that bit bigger - if you're doing something for the second time, you've got more confidence behind you" says Lightening.

Liam Gallagher recently released the trailer for his new documentary 'As I Was' due to arrive in cinemas in June. 


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