Listen to Oasis demos from 1993

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2 Mar 2019, 20:23

Early gems from 'Live Demonstration'

In Spring 1993, Oasis recorded their first demos at The Real People's studio in Liverpool. The set included and

The tracks were recorded onto a demo tape 'Live Demonstration', which was actually given to Alan Mcgee, head of Creation Records, at a gig in Glasgow two months later. A few months after that, Oasis signed a 6-album deal with Creation Records.

In an interview, Tony and Chris Griffiths of Real People said:

Four of the tracks eventually ended up on Definitely Maybe ( and ), with three others appearing as B-sides ( and ).

The other song, , saw its first commercial release in May 2014, with the release of the 20th anniversary edition of Definitely Maybe.

Hear a selection of the tracks from the studio recording, as well as a gig at the Boardwalk Basement below:

Cloudburst (rare alternative version)

The song would later go on to be re-recorded and used as a B-side on the single "Live Forever" (1994)


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