Stars who are unexpectedly drummers

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18 Nov 2018, 11:13

After Mary Berry got on stage to drum for Rick Astley in the summer at Bestival it seems more celebrities that you wouldn't expect are drummers...

1. Ben Stiller 

Who knew Ben Stiller was in a band? Well.. when he was a teenager like the majority of us Stiller was in a punk band with his friend in which he was the drummer.  They even released an album in 1982 called '

The band which is called Capital Punishment are reuniting after Stiller appeared on 'The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon' to talk about the band and play a clip of a never released single.

Throw forward to present day and the band are back together and are releasing an EP titled A physical version of the EP will be released on November 23rd with a digital version dropping December 7th.

They have now released a new version of their track 'Confusion' which appeared on their 1982 album. 

2. Jamie Oliver

Not only a dab hand in the kitchen but he can also play the drums. 

The chef started a band in 1989 called 'Scarlett Divison with his friend Leigh Hagegerwood who would later end up writing the theme to one Jamie's first TV shows. 

Although Jamie is more often found in a kitchen these days from time to time you can find him behind a drum kit again. 

3. Petr Čech  

The Arsenal goalkeeper is quite a talented drummer... 

Čech only took up drumming when he turned 30 but it's like he been practising for years. 

In 2014 he took to YouTube to upload drum covers of some of his favourite bands such as U2, Foo Fighters, Nirvana and Stereophonics. And it's safe to say they're pretty epic. 

4. Jeremy Clarkson 

Usually seen behind the wheel, Clarkson occasionally plays the drums. 

He briefly mentioned the side hobby within his 2008 book, 'For Crying Out Loud'. Where he mentions he took up the drums and practices quite "infrequently". 

Although unlike many, Clarkson didn't start when he was a kid and started when he had to perform for a TV comical charity performance.  

5. Chevy Chase

Comedian Chevy Chase famously once played the drums with members of 'Steely Dan' before 'Steely Dan' came to be. 

There's much confusion as to whether Chevy was an actual member of Steely Dan, but Donald Fagen of the band has said he was not and that they use to jam before 'Steely Dan' was formed. He did, however, call Chase a very good drummer". 

He's since swapped his drumsticks for comedy best known for 'Caddyshack', 'The Three Amigos', 'Spies Like Us', 'Community' and famously appears in the video for 'You Can Call Me Al' video by Paul Simon. 

6. Mary Berry (kinda...) 

We wouldn't be writing this if it wasn't for Mary's legendary appearance on stage with Rick Astley. 

Mary isn't actually a trained drummer and the reason the former Bake Off judge was on stage at Bestival last summer is still not clear, but it’s said the invitation came when they bumped into each other backstage. 

And finally... Our very own Christian Williams has a talent for the drums... however, Christian hasn't picked up a pair of drumsticks since his university days. 


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