Doctor Who's Russell T Davies 'really glad' he cut scene before show's divisive musical moment

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11 Jul 2024, 15:26

Russell T Davies, Ncuti Gatwa and Millie Gibson in Doctor Who

Credit: Getty / BBC

Doctor Who showrunner Russell T Davies has admitted he’s “glad” he and his team cut a scene which might have explained one of the last season’s most divisive moments.

In Ncuti Gatwa’s Fifteenth Doctor’s second episode of series 14, The Devil’s Chord, after the Doctor and Ruby (Millie Gibson) successfully brought an end to the villainous Maestro (Jinkx Monsoon)’s nefarious plans, the pair suddenly sprang into a fully choreographed musical number.

The unforgettable scene split fans completely, with some thinking the dancing and singing scene was wonderful, but others appalled that their favourite show had suddenly morphed into a musical inexplicably.



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Well, it turns out writer Russell T Davies originally wrote an end to the episode provided much more of an explanation for the scene, but in the end decided the musical coda didn’t need this pause.

Asked by SFX magazine about whether the most recent series had any notable deleted scenes, the It’s a Sin writer revealed: “There's one scene we deliberately cut at the end of The Devil's Chord, actually…

“[The Doctor and Ruby] run onto the rooftop and there was a scene where the Doctor said: 'Oh, time's gonna go crazy now, music is flooding back in, and everything's gonna be strange for 10 minutes' to kind of explain why they burst into song.”

But after shooting the scene, Davies decided it was a “boring” moment which was unnecessary for the episode.

“Why explain why you burst into song? Just burst into song! So I think that scene possibly would've made a lot of people happy. I'm really glad we took it out! It's only 20 seconds of dialogue, it was nothing. I can't think of anything else that we cut."

During the musical scene in question, at one point the Doctor and Ruby were joined by Strictly Come Dancing stars Johannes Radebe and Shirley Ballas for a bit of a bop.

Speaking with and others about her cameo on the green carpet of 2024’s TRIC Awards, Ballas gushed: “[It] was a dream come true… we had a long laugh, we went back in time. We went inside [the TARDIS], I met a Dalek - it was great!”

Doctor Who is available to watch now on BBC iPlayer.