John Bishop divides fans with Euros related tour announcement

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11 Jul 2024, 12:51

England playing in the Euros and John Bishop chatting on stage

Credit: Getty

John Bishop has angered some fans by revealing he’s rescheduling a tour show in order to watch the Euro 2024 final.

Taking to his social media after England successfully won last night (10th July)’s Euros semi-final against The Netherlands, Bishop revealed he would no longer be performing at The Civic Theatre in Wolverhampton at 8pm this Sunday (14th July) so that he can watch the game.

“Regarding my show on Sunday evening #itscominghome,” the comedian and Doctor Who star wrote in the caption of an Instagram post, to which he also attached a clip further explaining he would instead perform the show earlier that day.



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“This is a message to all the people coming to Wolverhampton on Sunday,” he shared. “I’m not doing the show at eight o’clock, the show’s going to get moved to the afternoon.

“You’re all going to get an email in the morning telling you the time,” he explained. “I know it won’t suit everybody so anyone who can’t make it, we’ll give you a refund.

“But we’re definitely going to move the time to Sunday afternoon because there’s no chance I’m going to be doing it at eight o’clock, because I’m gonna be busy watching these boys.”

Some fans complained about the comic’s choice to change the time of his show. “I wish I had a job where I could change the time I start, at the cost of disrupting a few thousand people, to watch a football match,” one person pointed out.

But the majority of commenters completely understood his decision, and thanked him for allowing them to be able to tune into the match rather than have to miss his show in order to do it.

“Totally understandable,” one person wrote, while another penned: “I’m pretty sure most of the people coming to your gig will be happy about the change so they can then watch it themselves, enjoy!”

The Euro 2024 Spain v England final will air live on BBC iPlayer and BBC One from 7pm, with kick off at 8pm.