BBC reveal new Chris Packham-fronted series Evolution coming soon - all details

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10 Jul 2024, 11:15

Chris Packham hosting Earth

Credit: BBC

Chris Packham is set to front another brand new science show for the BBC.

Following up on the success of 2023’s Earth, the popular Springwatch host’s next documentary series will be called Evolution, and focus on looking at the millions of generations of creatures which have given rise to some of today’s beloved animals.

Creatures in focus on the show will include the bat, the peacock, and the kangaroo, with each episode of the new series focusing on a different animal’s history.



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Using CGI generated worlds and the world’s leading developments in genetic analysis, viewers will be taken back in time to chart each animal’s evolution to what they are today.

Celebrating the new show’s production in an interview with Deadline, the BBC’s Head of Science Tom Coveney shared that Evolution will be a “new, shiny, and immediately accessible” show.

“It’s full of animal-based facts but also because there are millions and millions of species it gives the opportunity for endless variety, twists and turns,” he added.

Coveney also celebrated Packham as a “leading natural history and science presenter”, while also looking forward to more BBC science shows which will be airing over the next few years.

Solar System, presented by Brian Cox, will air later this year, and in 2025 Human, presented by Ella Al-Shamahi is due for broadcast. Evolution is set to air in 2026.

Another huge science show set to return to the BBC after over 20 years in the future will be the beloved 1999 series Walking With Dinosaurs. Announced in June 2024, the new series will feature four more dino episodes.

Prehistoric species who will feature in 2025’s Walking With Dinosaurs include: “A Spinosaurus - the largest carnivorous dinosaur to ever walk the earth - roaming the rivers of ancient Morocco; a youthful Triceratops battling a ravenous T. rex in North America; and a lonely giant Lusotitan risking it all for a love in Portugal.”