The Chase's Shaun Wallace opens up about his future on the show

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9 Jul 2024, 14:57

Shaun Wallace on The Chase

Credit: ITV

The Chase star Shaun Wallace has opened up about his future on the show after celebrating his 65th birthday.

Despite having reached retirement age last month, the popular quizzer - also known as the Dark Destroyer - told New Zealand edition of Woman’s Weekly recently that he has no plans to step away from the show anytime soon, the Mirror reports.

Wallace, who also works as a barrister, was full of how he loves both of his careers. “I'm celebrating 40 years in the job this year and I have no plans to retire at 65. I love it. I love quizzing too, so I will be doing that for as long as I can,” he told the magazine.



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“I never take being on The Chase for granted,” he added humbly. “I know it could all end tomorrow, and I still pinch myself that we are celebrating our 15th anniversary this year.”

Following its success, The Chase now runs several shows including Beat the Chasers and Celebrity editions of its usual format, as well as its traditional series. 

Speaking with at the TRIC Awards in June, fellow Chaser Anne Hegerty revealed her top pick for a celebrity contestant she’d love to come up against in the near future.

“I'm a massive fan of Andy [Murray],” the tennis fan confessed. “At his peak, I was just watching him all the time, and so that would be fantastic…that would be ace.”

Anne also took time to share her thoughts on how popular host Bradley Walsh would fare if he was ever made to play against The Chasers. “He actually is better than you think. He very often pretends to be a lot thicker than he is,” she shared.

“He used to be an engineer. I mean, I always say there are no stupid engineers. And yeah, I think he might very well give us a run for our money,” she then suggested.