Mysterious Severance teaser leaves fans expecting big season two news VERY soon

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9 Jul 2024, 13:57

The cast of Severance.

Credit: Apple TV+

Fans who are desperately awaiting the second season of hit series Severance have got excited at a mysterious social media post from Apple TV+.

The popular drama is due back in the not-too-distant future, but a date has not yet been announced. Eagle-eyed fans, though, are hopeful more news is to come very soon following the release of a short teaser video on Instagram and X.

Whilst the clip has no dialogue, and offers nothing other than a blinking red light and some strip lights illuminating the darkness above a familiar-looking elevator, it has got people in quite a tizzy. 



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Series director Ben Stiller and creator Dan Erickson were tagged by the official Apple TV+ Instagram and, whilst many commenters aren’t too sure exactly what the clip means, it has left fans wondering if an full trailer is coming soon? Or a release date for the new season? Or both?

Why? Well, some clever souls reckon that the blinking light is actually sharing a message in Morse code, that suggests something is coming tomorrow (Wednesday 10th July).

This theory has been echoed by others, while the general vibe is one of huge excitement. One person wrote: "It's time to go back to work 💼”

Someone else wrote: “It is ridiculous how excited I am over 15 seconds of a flashing light.”

One X user added: “Yes please 😭 been waiting for a long time!!!”

A keen viewer begged: “Just give us a date 😭”

“I’m ready,” another said.

The psychological thriller centres on employee Mark (played by Parks and Recreation’s Adam Scott), who uncovers a web of conspiracies at biotechnology corporation, Lumon Industries. The company’s employees of have undergone a medical procedure called "severance" which separates their work memories from their outside world memories. 

When they are at work, they are "innies" who can’t recall a single thing about their lives or the world outside. When outside work, they are "outies" who have no idea about what goes on in their office.

While we await a full trailer, a recent clip shared by Apple TV+ showcasing their upcoming productions, showed Scott’s character exiting a lift to be met by floor supervisor Mr Milchick (played by Tramell Tillman). “Welcome back. Been a minute,” he says.

Later in the teaser reel, we see Mark waking up on Lumon’s conference room table and running through corridors.

Have a look here:

As well as the clips from the second season being shared, an image of the lead character has also been posted on Apple TV+’s X account. 

“Your innie has already seen this image,” the post reads. Check it out here.

Severance season 1 is available to watch on Apple TV+.