WATCH: Dolly Parton is welcomed to Wrexham in hilarious Rob and Ryan documentary trailer

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27 Jun 2024, 14:27

Dolly Parton and Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney

Credit: Getty

Dolly Parton’s Welsh heritage has been officially embraced by the team behind Welcome to Wrexham.

In an hilarious short promo clip for the popular Disney+ documentary series, Dolly - who recently traced some of her ancestry back to the Welsh valleys - can be seen opening up a box of goodies from the totally-not-made-up Welsh Board of Tourism and Docudramas.

“You may have seen my recent announcement about possibly having Welsh ancestry,” the ‘9 to 5’ singer explained at the start of the video.



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“Well, I was tickled to learn that, and I was even more tickled when I received a lovely gift from the Welsh Board of Tourism and Docudramas!”

Dolly went on to show viewers how this gift box was seemingly full of Wrexham football club related merchandise, including the team’s iconic red and white scarf.

It was then time for Wrexham FC owners Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds to make an appearance, as they video called the famous singer to explain what was going on.

“Miss Parton, if you’ll allow us to explain,” the Deadpool actor said, before Rob cut in. “You see, when we found out your family might be from Wales, we thought who better to help promote our docuseries about North Wales and their beloved football club?”

Welcome to Wrexham series 3 is currently streaming on Disney+, as Dolly and many other fans are already aware.

The series has also already been renewed for a fourth season. This news was revealed in May 2024, as the series’ US studio FX Entertainment’s president Nick Grad celebrated: “Wrexham AFC has exceeded all expectations on the pitch and with fans, scoring back-to-back promotions under the leadership of Rob and Ryan and rising to compete in League One next season.

“Welcome to Wrexham is scoring big too, winning five Emmy Awards and a fourth season that will continue to document the team’s remarkable journey and its impact on the Wrexham community and growing legion of fans worldwide.”

Welcome to Wrexham is available to stream now on Disney+.