Paul Whitehouse admits wishing he and Bob Mortimer would 'shut up' more on Gone Fishing

Virgin Radio

27 Jun 2024, 12:23

Paul Whitehouse smiling by the Virgin Radio logo and with Bob Mortimer in Gone Fishing

Credit: Virgin Radio/BBC

Gone Fishing’s Paul Whitehouse has admitted he often wishes he and Bob Mortimer were more silent while filming.

Speaking on Ryan Tubridy’s Virgin Radio mid-mornings show about his new sketch show focused documentary, Paul Whitehouse’s Sketch Show Years, the famous The Fast Show comedian also opened up about how much he loves filming his and Mortimer’s famous fishing show.

“It’s glorious,” Whitehouse gushed about his fishing trips with the fellow comedian and close friend. “People think ‘Oh you need patience’. You don’t, because you’re so distracted by it!”



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One of the highlights of spending time with Bob on the show is the chats the pair share while fishing. “We’re not particularly touchy feely, me and Bob, but we can discuss quite serious topics, you know. And it’s not contrived,” Whitehouse said.

However, he added: “But the best of us is when we’re silent! We get the edit and we think ‘I wish we’d shut up there, and let the trees and the birds do the work.’”

Turning his attention to discussing his GOLD sketch show documentary, Whitehouse rhetorically asked: “Isn’t it a crying shame that the sketch show is no longer with us?” before launching into explaining how he thinks the comedy art form has found a new home on social media sites such as TikTok.

“I don’t involve myself on social media,” he admitted, however: “I’ve got a friend who sends me about 40 [TikToks] every day - drives me round the bend! - but [it shows] it is alive and well on our phones.”

In Paul Whitehouse’s Sketch Show Years, the Harry & Paul star explores the history of the sketch show in four 40-minute episodes, looking at everything from The Two Ronnies and Not the Nine O’Clock News to The Catherine Tate Show and Famalam.

“It was fantastic [putting the show together],” Paul reflected. “Without being too sentimental, it was almost like a sort of bye to the sketch show, because you know, the last decade, we haven’t seen [many].”

Paul Whitehouse’s Sketch Show Years begins airing on GOLD on Thursday, 27th June, at 10pm.

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