Homes Under The Hammer's Tommy Walsh reveals news about cancer diagnosis and tumour

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27 Jun 2024, 11:19

Homes Under The Hammer's Tommy Walsh reveals news about cancer diagnosis and tumour

Credit: Getty / BBC

Building guru and Homes Under The Hammer star Tommy Walsh has given fans an update on his cancer battle and has welcomed the news that the tumour is 'slowly shrinking and disappearing'.

The TV star, who has previously had throat cancer, is feeling positive as he continues his high dose radiotherapy treatment, Stereotactic ablative body radiotherapy (SABR).

The BBC presenter told The Mirror: "So I had to have this new treatment called SABR and what it is is radiotherapy which targets it to an exact spot without damaging the organs around it. So they used that and it shrunk. 



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"It is now not anywhere else. It is going away. Because it is shrinking it will shrink down to nothing and disappear. I will then just have to have annual checks. It has worked for me really well.

"They thought it was in the lung and then I would have been in trouble. Surgery would have been serious. So I did not want but we had that as a backup. The SABR treatment has worked and I am healthy so I have not been in any pain."

The father-of-three told fans previously: "I had a chest infection, had to go to the doctor and they sent me up to hospital for a CT scan and they think there's a three centimetre tumour in the lung. 

Homes Under The Hammer's Tommy Walsh

Credit: BBC

"I've tried to keep cheerful and you've cheered me up today, and thank you for letting me reminisce and talk.

"I was weighing up whether or not to tell you about this but I felt it would be unfair if I was to leave this and I didn't tell you.

"That's why I'm going to have to leave after this talk and I won't be able to join you for a few beers tonight.

"But I hope and I would be really pleased if you would have a few on my behalf and I'll keep my fingers crossed, and if you wouldn't mind, keep your fingers crossed for me."

Tommy Walsh

Credit: BBC

A cancerous lump was initially found in 2022, on top of a breast cancer scare years earlier. The TV expert shared: "I went to my GP about an unrelated issue and while I was there, he discovered this lump in my throat that he was a bit concerned about.

"He said it may be nothing but that he would rather I went and got it checked and, unfortunately, it turned out to be cancerous.

"I had to go in straight away and have surgery to remove it. I am now fully recovered and even back playing football."

Get well soon, Tommy!