Adele Roberts' health update: Dancing on Ice star shares her brave journey amid cancer battle

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23 Jun 2024, 15:15

Adele Roberts

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Inspirational radio host, Adele Roberts, gives an update on her ongoing battle with bowel cancer and life with her stoma bag.

Adele Roberts, the Dancing on Ice star and beloved radio host, has given an update on her health more than two years after being diagnosed with bowel cancer.

Known for her tenacity and resilience, she was initially told she had stage two cancer in October 2021.



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After a gruelling period of treatment, she was declared cancer-free less than a year later. However, Adele’s journey hasn’t ended there.

Now living with a stoma bag, which she has affectionately named Audrey, Adele continues to adapt to her new normal.

She candidly shared her thoughts on potentially reversing the stoma in the future.

"As for the stoma, they can potentially reverse it in the future, which would be amazing, but at the same time - I think it would still feel like a loss to me because I feel like Audrey's helped me so much mentally. I would mourn that, but I also understand it's better to have your intestines inside your body," she told Bella magazine.

Despite being cancer-free, Adele undergoes regular check-ups to ensure the illness doesn’t return.

"I'm having blood tests every three months. I also have regular scans every six months because the cancer is most likely to come back within the first two years of finishing treatment," she revealed.

Her vigilance and determination are truly inspiring.

Adele’s battle with cancer began in 2021 when she noticed blood in her stools and decided to visit her GP.

After her diagnosis, she underwent surgery and chemotherapy, leading to the fitting of her stoma. Now, Adele hopes to reach the milestone of five years cancer-free, aiming to clear the critical two-year mark by August 2024.

Earlier this year, Adele made history as the fastest runner with a stoma bag in the London Marathon, completing the race in an impressive three hours, 30 minutes, and 22 seconds.

This remarkable achievement is a testament to her strength and spirit. She also penned a memoir titled Personal Best, chronicling her journey from diagnosis to becoming a record-breaking marathon runner.

Reflecting on her experiences, Adele told OK! magazine: “I wouldn’t wish cancer on anybody but I definitely think it’s made me a better person. When I first got diagnosed, the first thing I did was read other people’s experiences because I was really scared and didn’t know what to expect.

"I thought, if I survive, I’ll make sure I’ll do the same for other people.”

In addition to her health battles, Adele has been vocal about other personal struggles. During Pride Month, she and her partner, Kate Holderness, opened up about their experiences coming out and understanding their sexuality.

Speaking to Steve Denyer on Virgin Radio Pride, the couple discussed the significance of queer representation in media.

For Adele, shows like The L Word played a crucial role.

“I didn’t know I was gay until later on when I was about 15,” Adele explained. “Kate’s a bit younger than me and I think she’s always felt okay with who she is.”

Kate added, “I feel very lucky because of people like you and people who have done so much good work. I never actually came out; I’ve always just been gay, and I think that’s because I’ve been so lucky to live in a time after the people who have done such good work.”

Adele acknowledged, “Whereas I struggled a little bit.”

Adele’s openness about her journey, both with cancer and her sexuality, has made her a beacon of hope and resilience.

Her ability to face such tremendous challenges head-on and come out stronger is nothing short of inspiring.

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