Si King on Life After Dave Myers: "The Hairy Bikers Will Never Be the Same"

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23 Jun 2024, 14:30

Si King & Dave Myers


The beloved cooking duo faced an abrupt end after Myers succumbed to cancer earlier this year.

The culinary world was rocked in February when Dave Myers, one-half of the legendary Hairy Bikers, passed away at 66 after a brave battle with cancer.

Now, Si King, his long-time friend and co-chef, opens up about the profound loss and the uncertain future of their beloved brand.



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Reflecting on the future without his mate, Si King poignantly declared: “There is no Hairy Bikers without Dave.”

In an emotional interview with Jay Rayner for The Observer, King revealed the deep bond and shared experiences that made their partnership so special and irreplaceable.

The duo, known for their hearty laughs, infectious camaraderie, and culinary adventures on two wheels, met in 1995 on the set of a TV drama.

Their friendship flourished into a career spanning over two decades, marked by more than 20 cookbooks and popular TV shows like The Hairy Bikers Ride Again and The Hairy Bikers’ Food Tour Of Britain.

Their unique blend of travel, food, and humour endeared them to millions.

King, now grappling with the void left by Myers, shared: “There’s obviously the sense of losing your best mate. But there’s also a sense of loss in that the experiences we had together can’t go on.”

The pain of losing a friend who not only shared his passion for food but also embraced every moment with joy is palpable.

“What was wonderful about my mate Dave was that he absolutely embraced the moment. He used to drive me mad. I’d tell him to say something negative for a bit, but he just loved being a Hairy Biker,” King reminisced, highlighting Myers’ indomitable spirit.

Their journey was a testament to their working-class roots and unbreakable bond. From filming in Romania, where Myers met his beloved wife Liliana Orzac, to the grueling days of chemotherapy, King stood by his friend.

Myers’ diagnosis in May 2022 was a blow that King struggled to process.

“Dave called me. I had to pull over. I just couldn’t compute it. I must have sounded terrible. There was just a level of disbelief,” King recalled.

Despite the grim prognosis, Myers faced his illness with courage.

“You have to go with the psyche of the patient. It was all about the fight right to the very last day,” King said.

Their friendship, forged in the kitchens and on the roads, was a beacon of resilience.

“We are two working-class lads and we like a scrap. When it became apparent this was going to be a long haul, it was about making things as comfortable as possible for Dave, both physically and mentally.”

Myers’ love for his wife, Liliana, and his stepchildren was a significant part of his life’s final chapter.

“The reality was he just didn’t want to go. It was too soon. He had a home he wanted to live in and we had a handle on our careers.

"He was looking forward to spending more time with his beloved Lili and his stepkids. It wasn’t time to go. It’s a cruel disease,” King lamented.

As King contemplates the road ahead, he acknowledges the daunting task of moving forward without his partner.

He continued: “It’s only in the past couple of weeks that I’ve started to think about what I want to do. I’ve spent all my life from very young thinking about what other people want and what their needs and aspirations are.

"So to be presented at my age with the question of what you really want to do is very difficult. We were a partnership, a double act.”

Grateful for the unwavering support from fans, King expressed his hope for their continued journey together.

“It would be incredibly churlish not to say thank you to our fanbase. I sincerely hope that whatever I do next, they come with me, and we start another journey together.”

Earlier this month, thousands of motorcyclists honored Myers with a ride from London to his hometown of Barrow-in-Furness for the first-ever Dave Day.

King and Liliana appeared on stage to thank the crowd, a testament to the profound impact Myers had on so many lives.

“There is no Hairy Bikers without Dave. Because it’s plural,” King concluded, underscoring the irreplaceable void left by his friend’s passing.

The legacy of the Hairy Bikers lives on in the hearts of their fans, but the journey will never be the same without Dave Myers.