BBC News presenter Maryam Moshiri makes hilarious Anchorman jibe as autocue fails

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11 Jun 2024, 14:31

Maryam Moshiri presenting the BBC news

Credit: BBC

BBC News presenter Maryam Moshiri had an hilarious response to autocue problems during a news broadcast this morning (11th June).

While delivering the news headlines just before 10am the BBC News channel, Moshiri discovered a typo in her autocue text mid-news delivery.

As the news presenter began telling viewers about some news related to falling hazel dormice numbers in the UK, an error in the text she was reading caused her to question the story.



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“It’s hoped a new job project that sees them re-released into their natural habit could help to restore the population,” Moshiri read, before adding a question to her producers: “Is it ‘habit’ or ‘habitat’? I’m probably going to get emails about this. 

“Well, it’s ‘habit’ on the autocue so what can I say?” the news host added. Then, acknowledging the error and confusion, Moshiri humorously signed off the report: “I’m Ron Burgundy?” in reference to Will Ferrell’s famously hapless Anchorman character.

Later that morning, Moshiri - who went viral in 2023 after a broadcast caught her seemingly swearing at viewers during a jokey countdown gone wrong in the studio - cleared up the confusion once and for all, confirming: “I, of course, meant to say ‘habitat.’

“But ‘habit’ was written on the autocue,” she added, quipping: “Which just shows you that I just read whatever is written in front of me, clearly.”

Even before the typo came across her autocue, the news presenter had highlighted her much-loved personality during the lead up to the light-hearted hazel dormice news story as she segued from introducing the news to making a joke about herself.

“Now, they are known for their big eyes and being famously sleepy,” Moshiri read from the autocue, before joking: “Am I talking about myself here?”

Other recent highlights from Maryam Moshiri’s time as a news reader on the BBC include the time she bent a spoon live on air to show off her strength, and the time when she was forced to improvise in the studio when a technical error left her report lacking an all important photo.