Anthony Hopkins shares life-changing advice Katharine Hepburn gave him

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9 Jun 2024, 13:22

Anthony Hopkins (left), Katharine Hepburn (right)

Credit: Getty

Sir Anthony Hopkins has shared the life-changing advice Hollywood star Katharine Hepburn gave him at the beginning of his career.

The Silence of the Lambs actor has solidified his legendary status after winning two Oscars, four BAFTA awards, two Primetime Emmys and a Laurence Olivier award since starting his career in 1960. 

Hopkins is now due to star in a new movie, Freud’s Last Session, and has opened up about advice he was given that enabled him to survive the movie industry in those early days. 



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The actor admitted he had been “arrogant” when he started out, but his attitude changed after he starred as Richard the Lionheart alongside Audrey Hepburn as Eleanor of Aquitaine in the Oscar-winning 1968 movie The Lion in the Winter.

In an interview with The Times, the actor said: “When I was young, I was ambitious, arrogant.

“Then you come to a point when you think, ‘Cool down. It’s not important.’ Katharine Hepburn told me that. She said, ‘Remember, it’s just popcorn.’”

Since then, Hopkins says he never takes his work too seriously. 

“I try not to take acting seriously at all. It’s a job I do. I can’t get intense about it, but I do work hard,” he added.

“I can’t even say ‘hard’. But I do work thoroughly to get it right. I’m not dismissing films- God knows I can’t, it’s given me a life, but I enjoy film because it’s easy.”

Hopkins also reflected on his life, from being the son of a baker and pub landlady in Port Talbot, Wales, to acting alongside Hepburn. 

He said: “How that happened, I don’t know. No idea. None of it makes any sense to me and therefore I can’t take credit for any of it. What was the power in me that pushed me to this business? I do not know, but there was a voice that said, ‘OK, fasten your seatbelt.’ And I’ve had a most phenomenal life.”

Freud’s Last Session is out on Friday 14th June.