Normal People season 2: Paul Mescal and Daisy Edgar-Jones apologise for leading fans on

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31 May 2024, 10:38

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BBC's Normal People stars Paul Mescal and Daisy Edgar-Jones have addressed the speculation about a second season, and fans are in a frenzy!

Hold onto your hats, Normal People aficionados, because Paul Mescal and Daisy Edgar-Jones have stirred up quite the commotion!

The beloved duo from the hit BBC show recently apologised for leading fans on about a possible second season, leaving everyone on tenterhooks.



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Earlier this week, Daisy took to Instagram to post a selfie with Paul, captioning it: “We’ve got some news to share!! Watch this space.”

In the snap, the two actors are cosied up and flashing peace signs, which eagle-eyed fans quickly interpreted as a cheeky hint at season two.

Could those peace signs be twos for season two? The speculation went wild!

The teasing Normal People insta story

Credit: Instagram/@daisyedgarrjones

But hold your horses! Today, the pair took to Daisy’s Instagram story again, this time to clear up the confusion.

They recorded a video saying they were 'sorry if they led people on' about a new season of Normal People.

Instead, they announced a charity raffle for a special screening of the show.

They did drop a tantalising hint, though, saying they weren’t announcing a second season 'yet' and that there was still 'plenty of time,' keeping the hope alive.

Despite the roaring success of season one, which skyrocketed Paul and Daisy to stardom, not all fans are on board with the idea of a follow-up.

The first season wrapped up the entire plot of Sally Rooney’s novel perfectly, leaving some viewers wary of a sequel.

After all, sequels can be a dicey business (remember the infamous Joey spin-off from Friends?).

One fan, Lauren, fumed on X (formerly Twitter): “I’m sorry, I would die for anything with Paul and Daisy in it again, but a season 2 of Normal People is so unnecessary. The ending was literally perfect – don’t ruin it for fan service.”

Nikki chimed in with: “Normal People does not need a season 2. Please be anything else.”

It seems many fans would rather keep the magic of the first season intact.

Libby echoed this sentiment: “Guys, I’ve seen Normal People like five times. I love it so much and…I kind of don’t want a season two.”

Austin added, “Loved Normal People. But I don’t want them to make the mistake Big Little Lies did by making a season 2 and it not being good.”

Wallflower voiced a similar concern, saying: “The Normal People fandom is going crazy and I can’t blame them. But I don’t want a season 2. I prefer the delusion that they lived happily ever after even though they clearly couldn’t have.”

Michelle weighed in with: “I love Normal People, but to be honest, I don’t really want a season 2. I’d rather it be a different project they’re working on together again.”

Based on the acclaimed novel by Sally Rooney, Normal People was an international hit when it premiered in 2020.

It followed the tumultuous relationship between Marianne Sheridan (Daisy) and Connell Waldron (Paul), earning four Emmy nominations and capturing the hearts of viewers worldwide.

Some die-hard fans, however, are still holding out hope for more.

User @clxlre posted Daisy’s Instagram story image on X with the caption: “NORMAL PEOPLE NATION WAKE UP.”

Another user, @suiselife, responded with: “Our prayers have finally been answered.”

@lanikaps wrote: “If we’re getting Normal People season 2, I will melt.”

One observant fan account, @paulmescalfiles, noted that Element Pictures, the production company behind the show, also posted the image of the pair, adding fuel to the fire of speculation.

The director of the series, Lenny Abrahamson, has previously teased the idea of revisiting Marianne and Connell’s story in the future.

Speaking to Radio Times, he said: “I have a fantasy of doing a kind of 10-year seeing where they are in 10 years’ time sort of thing.”

While Hulu hasn’t ordered a second season, Paul Mescal has shared his enthusiasm for the idea.

In a 2022 interview with GQ, he said: “There’s been no conversation other than the fact that I would like to lead from the front and make it happen somehow. I’m very pro-season 2, but honestly, there are no plans in place for that to happen.”

So, for now, Normal People fans will have to sit tight and keep dreaming of a reunion.