I Kissed A Girl stars tease upcoming reunion special - 'Any expectation you have, trash it!'

Virgin Radio

31 May 2024, 09:43

I Kissed a Girl cast looking shocked

Credit: BBC

Series one of I Kissed A Girl will be coming to an end this weekend - but not before all the girls reunite with Dannii Minogue for a “tea-filled” reunion special.

While everyone’s time in the Masseria will be finished by the end of episode nine, episode ten of the show will pick things back up with the girls around eight months later, revealing everything that’s gone on since their time on the show.

Speaking exclusively with virginradio.co.uk just a day after the show’s reunion special was filmed, stars Lailah and Beth teased that the upcoming episode will feature lots of surprises.



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“Any expectation [fans] have, just throw it in the bin,” Lailah, who left the show without a partner in episode eight, shared. “Honestly, if I was a viewer, I wouldn’t have thought half of what happened last night was going to happen,” she added.

“The reunion is definitely worth the watch and is just as juicy as the show as a whole,” Beth agreed. “There are lots of surprises, a bit of fun, maybe a little bit of drama. But yeah, it’s a ride for sure!”

Lailah also said: “Some things came to the surface and came to fruition, and I was like ‘Oh damn, that’s actually happening! Cool.’ So yeah, expect a lot of surprises.

“That’s queer women in general,” she joked. “We’re wild, we’re chaotic, but we’re entertaining! So yeah… hold on tight. I feel like there’s probably going to be as much tea in that one reunion as there was in the whole season.”

But before Sunday night’s reunion special, I Kissed a Girl’s viewers first will get to find out the result of the remaining girls’ times in the Masseria, as Dannii and the girls host the final kiss off to determine which couples - if any - will be leaving the experience together.

Speaking about departing from the show in episode eight after not succeeding to partner up before the final episode, Lailah and Beth explained how they still found a lot to appreciate about their time in the Masseria.

“Part of me didn't want to go because it was an experience I would never get again. But part of me also felt like it was the right time to leave,” Lailah said. “I think the fact that we chose to leave, and we did it with our heads held high was a good thing… [and] I've genuinely made friends that I will keep forever.”

“I was ready to leave by that point, I think as sad as it was,” Beth revealed. “And whilst I didn't find anyone, it was still worth it, because I made some amazing friends.”

I Kissed A Girl continues on BBC Three and BBC iPlayer this Sunday (2nd June) from 9pm.