Joel Dommet's London Marathon Masked Singer costume 'fell apart' and gave him a 'bald spot'

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18 May 2024, 11:12

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The Masked Singer host reveals his hilarious marathon mishap and life as a new dad

Move over, Mr. Blobby, because Joel Dommett's marathon tale has got the laughs and the drama! Recently, the charming host of The Masked Singer and top comedian Joel Dommett shared how the spin-off show, The Masked Dancer, has 'gone quiet' on a new series front. But that’s not all the star had to say.

As part of his campaign with Pampers, Joel spilled the beans on his tough yet amusing marathon run, where he donned an 8kg piranha costume. Speaking exclusively to, Joel recounted the gruelling experience with his trademark humour.




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He shot out the gates of the interview with: “It was very difficult. It was very difficult,” he said, kicking things off with classic British understatement. “I wouldn’t change it for the world. It was really great. Like, it was the long runs and the training, that was the hard part. Because the short runs in the training are fine. When you get out often doing a 5k, 6k, 8k, whatever! You can kind of be like, 'Ah see ya, and I’m just popping off for half an hour. 40 minutes,' you can kind of get away with that. But then when it gets towards the end, and you’re just like, 'Hey, Hannah, I’ll see you in two and a half hours. I’ll be back in a bit.' And she’s like, 'Sorry, what was that?' 'I’m just gonna leave without a phone for two and a half hours. You take all the responsibilities, bye!' It’s hard.”

Joel, ever the trouper, managed to push through the pain for a good cause, he said: “But we made some amazing money for an incredible charity. The producers messaged me afterwards and said, ‘Just out of interest do you think you’d do it again next year?’ As in, in a different Masked Singer costume, and I was like, 'No, absolutely not. It was so hard!'”

After what he described as being 'destroyed for like a week, almost two weeks,' Joel began to toy with the idea of another big costume challenge.

“Now I’m starting to think I might do it again. I’ve done a big idea again, because I think it was so fun.”

Joel’s tale of costume calamity continued with the piranha ensemble that he wore for the marathon.

He said: “Mainly, I’m blaming it on this. But because the costume sort of fell apart, and I did too, we all fell apart in that scenario. I was the costume, the costume was a metaphor for me.”

His test run in Brighton turned into a scene from a comedy sketch: “What happened was basically, so I did a little test run, and the costume is made down in Brighton. So I drove down to Brighton, I did a three mile run in the costume. And I picked a terrible time to do the training run because I didn’t even think about this.

“When you’re running the London Marathon in the piranha costume, it’s amazing. Because there’s loads of other people dressed up, you know, you’re in a marathon, there’s people cheering, everyone knows what’s going on. [But] when you have a run on the streets of Brighton by yourself in a fish costume, it’s a different vibe. It’s a real different vibe.”

Joel went on to recount chaos that then ensued: “I picked the worst time, I picked three o’clock, which is when all of the people are chucking it out of schools. And so I just had like, I’m gonna say 25 kids chasing after me, like kicking my tail, like grabbing my fins were like, 'Oh fish boy, fish boy!' It was horrible. I was only supposed to run a mile and a half, I ran three because I was just running away from children.”

On marathon day, things didn’t get any easier: “So we were then on the start line, you had to do it. And just every time I took a stride, the whole fish just hit on my head. It’s like eight kilos every second just hitting me on my head like a metronome.

“And the inside of it’s all felt. And I was okay, for the first time, I was like, 'Okay, we’ve got this, this is absolutely fine.' And I was running after my friends. So I was like, 'look at their feet.' And I was okay. After about 10 miles I looked down and I realised that there was like a little pile of my hair. So literally, like the felt on the inside was like brushing the top of my head and brushing off hair.”

With a mixture of disbelief and determination, Joel pushed through the pain and the receding hairline.

“I was then, 'You got 26 miles, you can’t stop, you’re 26 miles away in your head, but just being honest, like I’m gonna have a bald spot. I’m going to have a bald spot on the front of my head, the worst place on the bald spot.'”

When he’s not sweating it out in a fish costume, Joel Dommett is also navigating the joys and challenges of new parenthood.

Joel and his wife, Hannah Cooper, welcomed their son Wilde Cooper-Dommett in September, and the couple has teamed up with Pampers to help save parents’ sleep.

According to new research by Pampers, 3 million hours of sleep are lost every week due to night-time nappy leaks.

Joel opened up about life as a new dad, revealing: “It’s definitely been a roller coaster, that’s for sure. It changes life. But honestly, it’s been so fun. I mean, as many parents will know, the sleep changes. It really does.”

Reflecting on Pampers’ findings, he said: “I’ve been working with Pampers a lot recently, and they’ve done loads of research into sleep deprivation. I think 82% of parents experienced sleep deprivation. Personally, I feel like that’s lower than I would have thought!”

Despite the sleepless nights, Joel confessed that fatherhood is 'the best thing' that’s ever happened to him.

“I genuinely didn’t expect to love him this much,” he continued.

“I know everyone says the clichés…but the love is deep. You would do anything for this little thing.”

Whether he's dodging kids in Brighton or embracing the sleepless nights of fatherhood, Joel Dommett’s adventures never fail to entertain.

Here’s hoping he keeps us laughing, whether on The Masked Singer, running marathons in fish costumes, or sharing the ups and downs of parenthood.