Deborah Meaden reveals who she'd next like to see in Dragons Den's Guest Dragon seat

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1 May 2024, 16:20

Deborah Meaden and the Dragon's Den Dragons

Credit: BBC

Deborah Meaden has revealed which stars she’d next like to join Dragons Den for a special ‘Guest Dragon’ appearance on the show.

Speaking exclusively with about her recent support for the international school meals focused charity Mary’s Meals, Meaden explained why David Attenborough would be her dream pick to join the show’s Dragons in a future episode.

“I think it would have to be somebody with an environmental bend to their businesses,” the much-respected businesswoman explained, before she named David Attenborough as someone whose voice would be interesting on the show.

“There are a lot of really great business people coming through who really genuinely believe that they can create a better world, in terms of impact on the planet,” Meaden then praised, considering how lesser known names would also be able to fulfil this environmental slant that she’d like to see in a Guest Dragon.

“Mark Versey, the CEO of Aviva Investors,” the longstanding Dragon then suggested. “He’s making some real changes in terms of planetary impact, is a really smart guy, and really empathetic… he would be fantastic.”

Dragon’s Den most recent series introduced the new feature of Guest Dragons, meaning that in select episodes of the series an additional celebrity business star joins the show’s five main Dragons to watch the entrepreneurs' bids and potentially invest in their companies.

During her interview, Meaden confirmed the feature would be returning for the show’s 22nd series. “I know we’re going to be having guest dragons again next year… but I’m not going to spill the beans on who they are!” she teased.

Opening up to about her support for the charity Mary’s Meals, the former Taskmaster special star explained: “Mary's Meals is a fantastic charity, which actually feeds more than 2.4 million hungry children every day.

“The point about that is yes, they feed hungry children, but they feed them at school. And what that means is that children go to school, and we also know that when they go to school they learn better if they’re well fed, so they’ve got this wonderful holistic approach to charity.”

Mary’s Meals' current campaign is focused on sponsoring schools to offer meals in Malawi and Zambia. “Whether you're an individual who wants to give £10, £100, whatever it is… or you’re bigger organisation that's going to commit to a chunkier sum of money, everybody can get involved,” Meaden shared.

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Dragon’s Den is available to watch on BBC iPlayer now.