Bridgerton's Shonda Rhimes reveals actor she cast after 30 SECONDS of Queen Charlotte audition

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29 Apr 2024, 14:59

Bridgerton's Shonda Rhimes reveals actor she cast after 30 SECONDS of Queen Charlotte audition

Credit: Netflix

When you know, you know. Bridgerton's Shonda Rhimes has revealed that she made her mind up on casting the role of Queen Charlotte in under a minute.

Queen Charlotte star Golda Rosheuvel made such a good impression within 30 seconds that Rhimes was bowled over and knew she had her leading lady.

Rosheuvel appeared on The Jennifer Hudson Show and explained how she was asked to submit an audition video to try out for the role of Queen Charlotte in the Netflix series

She shared: "I said to my partner – now wife – 'let's just do this thing like, oh God, okay.'

"We did it in half an hour, 45 minutes. I sent off the first tape thing. Didn't think anything about it, didn't care really," she admitted. "And I think it's because I knew her so well it was easy to do. I just ran it off. It was simple."

Queen Charlotte star Golda Rosheuvel and Jennifer Hudson

Credit: Instagram

Hearing back about stage one of her successful audition, she said: "The week between Christmas and New Year, I got a phone call saying the director loves it. Your tape's going to go to Shonda Rhimes."

"What's meant for you is meant for you," replied Hudson. "You know what I mean?" agreed Rosheuvel. "I was like 'what the hell?'"

Rosheuvel posted on social media: "Had the best time chatting with @iamjhud. @jenniferhudsonshowMy hart (sic) was full to the brim, topped up by a beautiful surprise message from @shondarhimes. Big love to both these sensational women. Thank you."

Rhimes said about the no-brainer when it came to casting her: "It took literally 30 seconds of seeing @goldarosheuvel audition tape for me to know that she was the one. I had never seen anyone inhabit a character so fully!! She is the best."

The Queen Charlotte star said previously: “I didn’t need to do much research because I knew the world this character came from already – it was my mother’s world and that makes her very easy to play."

She added: “Every time I dress up as Queen Charlotte, I pay homage to my mother. She came from an upper middle class London family. Before the war they had butlers, their world was very public school.

“My grandfather was the headmaster of Colet Court (St Paul’s prep school), my great-uncle was Bishop of Barbados, later Archbishop of Jamaica, and when my mother visited him there, she had dinner with Princess Margaret.”

She told Tatler: “I’m a great believer in waiting, in biding my time, being confident enough in my craft and who I am as a person to know that it will happen, that one day someone would see me and go, ‘Right, you are perfect for playing the Queen of England’.”


Credit: Netflix

Discussing the third series which drops in May, Shonda admitted: "I think there's this desire for something simpler, where there are rules to courting. We just said, 'how do you meet somebody?’”, she said. 

"Well, back then you met somebody because you went to these balls, your parents talked and you had a dance. People seem to love that sort of order to a world, where the rules of love are so clear."

She added: "There were rules of interaction, like a map, and that doesn't exist anymore. There are no rules of engagement now in anything."

Bridgerton season three part one will be released on Netflix on Thursday, 16th May.