Jon Bon Jovi reveals how ‘spirit sister’ Shania Twain helped him through vocal surgery

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29 Apr 2024, 08:53

Jon Bon Jovi, Jon with Shania Twain on stage

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Jon Bon Jovi has opened up about how another musical legend helped him get through his vocal cord surgery. 

The Livin’ On A Prayer singer recently confirmed that, in 2022, he had undergone a procedure known as medialisation after one of his vocal cords was found to be atrophying. Last month, he said: “I don’t know about a tour. It is my desire to do a tour next year, but I’m just still recovering from a major surgery.”

Now, Jon has revealed in the new Disney+ docuseries, Thank You, Goodnight: The Bon Jovi Story, that he called upon Shania Twain during his time of need, and described the country singer as his “spirit sister” after she went through the exact same ordeal a few years before him. 

It turns out both Shania and Jon had their surgery performed by the same doctor, and the moment the Always singer learned that they shared a common link, he was quick to call Shania up. 

He explained: “She's the only other one I've known that's ever had this surgery, with this doctor, and the only reason I found that out is because she reported it in the press.

“Not only did she reassure me that it would be OK, but I think she also pulled my leg a little bit because she told me I'd be out there a lot sooner than I have been. She says, ‘Well, I told you that because I knew that you might back out otherwise.' And so, I couldn't wait to get the operation.”

Now that it’s been almost two years since his surgery, Jon admitted that “every day is a recovery process.”

“I’m capable of singing,” he insisted. “What I’m not necessarily capable of is two and a half hours a night, four nights a week, but I’m aspiring to get that back.”

Jon has been discussing his journey throughout his incredible musical career as fans got their first look at Bon Jovi’s new docuseries. 

Thank You, Goodnight: The Bon Jovi story documents the “epic past and uncertain future of one of the most recognisable bands in the world and its frontman Jon Bon Jovi.”

The series also addresses Bon Jovi's well-documented problems with his singing voice, explaining it shows "a 40-year odyssey of rock and roll idolatry on the precipice as a vocal injury threatens to bring everything to a screeching halt."

Thank You, Goodnight: The Bon Jovi Story is out on Disney+ now. 

Bon Jovi's new album Forever to be released on 7 June via EMI.