‘Totally beautiful’ love story on The Piano leaves viewers ‘in bits’

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29 Apr 2024, 07:25

Credit: Channel 4

Channel 4’s hit series, The Piano, is back and its first episode has left viewers feeling somewhat emotional.

The show, presented by Claudia Winkleman, travels around the country and invites amateur musicians to perform on street pianos in the concourses of major railway stations. Judges Mika and Lang Lang lend their ears in the hope of finding some serious talent.

In each episode, after everyone has performed, the judges choose one person to play at an end-of-series concert.

Episode one of series two introduced viewers to 80-year-old romantic Duncan, who has dementia and plays the piano to communicate his love for his wife Fran, who was in attendance. 

Duncan received his diagnosis two years ago, and his wife of 42 years said: “There is a vulnerability there now that wasn't there before and there is an awful lot more that I need to do. The future is unknown. Duncan is everything to me, I would have him in any situation rather than not have him."

Playing the song, Theme for Fran, Duncan said: "It just gives me such total feeling about the girl I found and the girl I married, the girl I love and always will."

From the selection of pianists, Mika and Lang Lang picked Duncan to go through to the final concert, and viewers took to social media to share their thoughts. One wrote: “I was doing well until Duncan started playing and now I am in bits.”

Someone else added: “What an advert for True Love ❤️Duncan and Fran.”

Another wrote: “Duncan on #ThePiano. I’m gone!”

A viewer said: “Duncan on the piano, his love for Fran spoke through every note played of his music, totally beautiful”

One commenter said: “No. Absolutely gone. Duncan and Fran have broken me 😭😭”

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