Beyond Paradise fans divided over season two finale

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28 Apr 2024, 13:14

Beyond Paradise

Credit: BBC

Beyond Paradise has left fans divided after a twist in the final episode of season two.

Warning: Spoilers ahead

In the finale, viewers were expecting to see Humphrey and Martha finally tie the knot and begin thier fostering journey with Ryan.

However, the episode begins with Martha stating she cannot go through with the wedding. It turns out, her mother, Anne, has taken over wedding preparations and planned a celebration that is not representative of the bride or groom.

Martha has remained quiet up until now because she saw how happy it was making her mother, who was healing from a broken heart. But, on the morning of wedding, she puts a halt on it all.

After hearing her daughter’s side of things, Anne decides to cancel the ceremony so Martha and Humphrey can plan the wedding they really want.

This plot twist has left many fans divided, with some believing it was a perfect way to end the series and others very disappointed they didn’t get the wedding they were seemingly promised.

Taking to social media to share their thoughts, one fan called the finale: “Just …. Perfect 😍”.

Another wrote: “Beyond Paradise season finale was beyond all expectations, best thing I've watched all year ❤️💙 #BeyondParadise.”

While a third said: “Loved the not-a-wedding it was ace”.

However, on the other hand, one fan wrote: “I entirely agree with Martha that Anne's wedding plans were ghastly and right Anne finally cancelled them. But what of the church or registry office service? Why cancel that? It wasn't in fact even mentioned. Finale should have been quiet wedding ceremony.”

Another commented: "Disappointed that there wasn't a wedding. Just a very poor ending."

A third wrote: "i wanted to see the wedding, the speeches, first dance, and vows i feel betrayed, beyond betrayed."

This comes after Beyond Paradise bosses announced there will be a Christmas special along with a third season of the show.

There are no details as of yet what could be on the horizon for Humphrey and Martha, but hopefully fans will get the wedding they wanted at some point!