Robbie Williams tells Andy Goldstein why he won't be celebrating the 30th Anniversary of his solo career

Virgin Radio

20 Apr 2024, 14:58

Credit: Rex/Virgin

Robbie Williams Ditches Plans for 30th Solo Career Anniversary Bash

In an exclusive chat with Andy Goldstein on Virgin Radio, pop legend Robbie Williams spilled the beans on why he won't be throwing a party to mark his 30 years as a solo artist.

The conversation kicked off with some footie banter, as Andy, known more for his talkSPORT stint, couldn't resist getting Robbie's thoughts on the beautiful game.

But soon enough, they delved into the heart of the matter - Robbie's illustrious music career.

However, the discussion hit a rocky patch right from the start due to a bit of miscommunication.

When asked about his plans for his 30th solo career anniversary, Robbie initially thought Andy had forgotten about his recent triumphs, of a world tour and Best Of album.

But Andy quickly clarified that he hadn't forgotten about the fairly recent celebrations of Robbie's 25th Anniversary, leading to some lighthearted back-and-forth banter between the two pals.

Robbie explained why a big 30th celebration probably isn't on the cards: "We were going to celebrate 25 years, then COVID came. We still had to celebrate, but it was actually 27 years. Now we're coming up to 30 years. I don't think we can go to that well again."

Despite nixing the anniversary bash, Robbie assured fans that he's keeping busy. From writing songs to filming a documentary, his plate is full, and he's never felt more ambitious.

He added: "I've got loads planned. I've written loads of songs. From a film coming out at the end of this year, I just did the Netflix thing. I finished my tour, doing Hyde Park in the summer. But I've never been busier, never been busier. Never had never been as ambitious as I am right now. I'm full of purpose. And I'm loving life."

Speaking about his Netflix documentary, Robbie then revealed: "I didn't enjoy doing it. No, but I've enjoyed the response that I've gotten from it. But yeah, cuz you know, you go on like The Graham Norton Show, or you go and do an interview on TV and you do a performance as a pop star inhabiting that realm. And, you know, I think that people have a takeaway, that you're full of yourself.

"And you know, I'm just trying to be someone when I'm up there. I'm just trying to fill a space with the Netflix thing. If people watched it, they have four hours with me and went, 'Oh, okay, I kind of I kind of get it now, there's just a bloke trying to sort his life out and be happy.' And I've gotten so much love for it. So much love and so many people have reached out. And yeah, during it, it was a it was a proper trauma watch. But afterwards was when I felt the benefits for it, where I just felt heard and loved and accepted."

And when prodded about his upcoming film Better Man, a semi fictional biopic where Williams is allegedly due to play himself and Hollyoaks actor Jonno Davies will play Williams' younger self, Robbie teased: "A lot of big film companies are putting a lot of money into it and you know, lots of American film companies that put in money into marketing it a load of it in the states and they're talking award season and all sorts you know so everybody that seen any or anything of it like wow, we've never seen anything like this before so yeah, I think I'm about to get lucky again."

But the highlight of the chat came when Robbie joked about the possibility of winning an Oscar, promising to take Andy along for the ride - even if he's just his 'plus one.'

So, while there might not be a big anniversary bash in the works, it's clear that Robbie Williams isn't slowing down anytime soon. And with his infectious charm and undeniable talent, who needs a party to celebrate?