Beyond Paradise Sally Bretton's secret real name revealed, as well the reason for the change

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20 Apr 2024, 13:39

L to R: Sally Bretton

Credit: Getty/BBC

Beyond Paradise's Sally Bretton has shocked fans with the origin of her unexpected name change.

Beyond Paradise fans might be shocked to discover that Sally Bretton wasn't always Sally Bretton.

In fact, the actress, known for her role as Martha Lloyd in Death in Paradise, was born with a different moniker altogether.

She has since reprised the role of Humphrey Goodman's (Kris Marshall) love interest in the spin-off Beyond Paradise, released in 2023.

While her on-screen persona exudes elegance and mystery, the truth behind her name change is anything but. Sally Bretton, formerly Sally Davis, stumbled upon her stage name in the most random of places – the staff room of a clothing brand.

Recalling the fateful moment, Bretton revealed, "A friend brought in a book all about the meanings of names, and I was in the staff room flicking through." And just like that, fate intervened.

"I just thought, 'Yup, I quite like that.' It’s totally random, but I thought it sounded quite nice."

But Sally's charm extends beyond her name game.

Fans also know her for her role as Lucy Adams in the BBC sitcom Not Going Out, where she's delivered countless laughs alongside comedian Lee Mack.

The show recently celebrated its 100th episode milestone, but viewers eager for more will have to exercise patience.

Mack confirmed that he won't be returning to the sitcom in 2024, citing a desire to explore new projects.

In a candid moment, Mack outlined his plans for the year ahead, teasing more of the 1% Club and Would I Lie to You?

While fans may miss his comedic presence on Not Going Out, Mack assured them that discussions for the show's return are underway, albeit with a tentative release date of early 2025.

As for the decision-making process, Mack humorously admitted: "I just wait for someone to say, 'There's a bag of money, get on with it.'"

Clearly, when it comes to the business of comedy, Mack knows how to keep it light and entertaining.