Greg Rutherford shares post-surgery photos and teases getting ‘back on skates’

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17 Apr 2024, 09:28

Credit: Getty / ITV

Greg Rutherford has updated fans about his recovery following a serious injury which cost him a place in this year’s Dancing On Ice final.

The Olympic gold medallist was due to face Adele Roberts, Ryan Thomas and Miles Nazaire in the final of the popular ITV series, but was forced to pull out at the last minute, after injuring himself in training. 

The Team GB star previously described the injury as “very painful,” and explained that it occurred when he “managed to tear all of my abs as well as herniate” and “effectively gave myself a C-section.”

Having had an operation last month, Greg has now taken to Instagram to reveal how his recovery is going. 

He wrote: “A little stomach update… I’m almost 4 weeks post op now and feeling so much better. I can move around with almost no feeling of pain and the wound has now closed and healed. Pic 2 shows the insane swelling I initially had 🤣”

The athlete also teased a return to the ice, writing: “I can’t tense my abs properly still, but that’s coming. I also managed to put a ton of weight on since the op, so as soon as I’m ready I’ll be training to get myself trim again… maybe even back on skates 👀”

Be warned, if you aren’t keen on looking at scars, then you might want to give the below images a miss!

If not, then here you go… 

He also posted one of the pics on his Instagram Stories, writing “I’m back on Insta and thought I’d gross everyone out - but it is a positive update.”

Dancing on Ice Pro Colin Grafton commented: “Still can’t believe it 🤯, see you soon brotha x” to which Greg replied: “hopefully see you very soon ❤️".

In Greg’s absence, Corrie’s Ryan Thomas went on to win this year’s competition. Posting on his Instagram Stories, Greg said he was “so proud” of the winner, and described him as “a friend for life.”

The Coronation Street actor said: “Listen Greg, if you're watching this at home, this trophy is for you mate."

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