Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson turns heads with unexpected shampoo line: ‘My hair would’ve loved this’

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4 Apr 2024, 15:23

L to R: Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson

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The Rock causes fans to express confusion over bald icon's haircare venture.

Celebrities seemed to be fascinated with the supermarket recently.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, the powerhouse of Hollywood, has once again flexed his entrepreneurial muscles, but this time, it's with a rather unexpected a shampoo line.

While his latest venture into haircare may seem puzzling to some, The Rock is making waves with his unique product, leaving fans scratching their heads and laughing all the way to the checkout.

Known for his towering presence, chiseled jawline, and, notably, his bald head, Johnson has launched a line of shampoo and conditioner two-in-one products under his brand Papatui, now available at Target stores.

Priced at $7.99, the products promise to deliver a clean and refreshing experience, despite the lack of follicular activity.

In a move that can only be described as bold, The Rock addresses the elephant in the room with his slogan: "My hair would’ve loved this 2-1 shampoo and conditioner."

It's a humorous nod to his baldness that has both amused and bewildered consumers.

Social media platforms erupted with reactions, with TikTok users expressing their disbelief and amusement.

One user, Freakinfriction, captured the sentiment perfectly in a video from the aisles of Target, declaring: "This man has no business in the shampoo department."

Another user, SarahGrayAndTall, voiced her confusion, stating: "I’m not going to buy shampoo and conditioner from a hairless man."

Despite the initial skepticism, many fans couldn't help but appreciate The Rock's comedic approach and entrepreneurial spirit.

LaurenElizabeth5334 confessed: "I would buy it just because of the slogan, that’s hilarious."

Others echoed similar sentiments, praising Johnson's hustle and branding genius.

Dwayne Johnson's foray into haircare adds another layer to his multi-faceted career, which includes roles in blockbuster films, a successful stint in professional wrestling, and even his own tequila brand.

With Papatui, he aims to make skincare and grooming accessible to all, offering quality products at an affordable price point.

Papatui debuted in Target stores across the US on March 10, with a selection of skin, hair, body and tattoo care products under $10.

Unpacking the products in a chat with People Magazine, he explained: "Papatui has allowed me to encourage just a more open, greater conversation about skincare and grooming.

"Like so many of us, I had a great curiosity. I’m always experimenting – how can I improve my skincare and my grooming? And with that daily intention.

"I saw an opportunity here to create a product with great quality but also great accessibility in terms of cost. Let’s think about the consumer and let’s deliver quality at a very accessible price."

So, while The Rock may not be flaunting a luscious mane anytime soon, his shampoo line is certainly turning heads and sparking conversations, proving once again that he's not afraid to tackle new challenges, even if it means diving headfirst into the haircare aisle.