Bodkin: What is it about? Who is in it? When does it start? - Everything you need to know

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3 Apr 2024, 09:20

Scenes from Bodkin

Credit: Netflix

Fans of Only Murders in the Building might be very interested in a brand new series called Bodkin, which is on its way.

Whilst it is set in Ireland rather than New York, Bodkin draws parallels with Only Murders in that it is a comedic thriller which follows the investigations of a motley crew of podcasters.

The series comes from Barack and Michelle Obama’s Higher Ground production company, and they also serve as executive producers.

Here’s everything you need to know about it…

What is Bodkin about?

The narrative follows a bunch of podcasters who set out to chase down a true-crime mystery that occurred a few years ago in an idyllic but very secretive Irish coastal town.

As their investigation deepens, they discover a story much bigger and weirder than they could have ever imagined and, as they try to separate the facts from the fiction, the series challenges perceptions of truth.

Who is in Bodkin?

Saturday Night Live star Will Forte plays Gilbert, an American podcaster with Irish roots. 

Siobhán Cullen from The Dry plays London-based but Dublin-raised investigative journalist Dove. 

Ackley Bridge star Robyn Cara plays Emmy, an eager-to-please researcher who has been helping Gilbert put together the podcast.

David Wilmot from Station Eleven plays mysterious figure Seamus Gallagher.

Bloodlands and The Young Offenders’ star Chris Walley plays Bodkin local Seán O’Shea.

Seán Óg Cairns plays Garda Eoin, Peter Bankole is Charles and Kerri McLean plays Maeve.

Does Bodkin have a trailer?

It does indeed.

The trailer landed at the start of April. Watch it here: 

How many episodes of Bodkin are there?

The thriller series is made up of seven episodes.

How can I watch Bodkin?

Bodkin will stream on Netflix

When does Bodkin start?

Bodkin premieres on Netflix on 9th May, 2024.