Ricky Wilson reveals why he relates to Dua Lipa

Virgin Radio

3 Apr 2024, 07:21

Credit: Virgin Radio / Rex

Dua Lipa is set to release her hotly-anticipated new album next month, and Virgin Radio’s own Ricky Wilson has explained how he can relate to her.

Ahead of headlining Glastonbury this June, Dua Lipa will share Radical Optimism on 3rd May. The album will include chart smash Houdini and the recently-released Training Season.

Having played the latter on his Drivetime show on Virgin Radio UK, Ricky told listeners: “She was talking about making the new record, and she says something I can relate to. I can relate to Dua Lipa! Wicked!”

The Kaiser Chiefs frontman continued: “She says that she wrote a song called Illusion, and that was the Eureka moment, which takes her into the next phase of the album, and made her kind of think that this is what the album is going to be like. And this happens. Whenever you make an album, there's one track where you do it and, suddenly, all the clouds that have been circulating, your ideas suddenly come together and you start seeing patterns and shapes, and you go to yourself, ‘I know where this album's heading.’ And she had that with this one song called Illusion.” 

Ricky said: “I can't wait to hear it, because that's like the centre-point. We had one on our last record called Job Centre Shuffle. And as soon as that was done, I thought, ‘Now I know how it's going to end.’"

Kaiser Chiefs’ latest record, the Easy Eighth Album landed in earlier this year, and Ricky exclusively told virginradio.co.uk: “There’s a lot more you can say on a record than you can say on live radio. So maybe I've thought to myself, ‘I'll save that. That’s a rhyme that I can use.’”

To celebrate the release of their album, Ricky and Andrew ‘Whitey’ White gave a cracking, stripped-back performance on Virgin Radio’s Stool of Rock, including their own take on Billy Joel’s Uptown Girl. 

Dua Lipa’s Radical Optimism is released on 3rd May.

Kaiser Chiefs’ Easy Eighth Album is out now. 

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