Gregg Wallace admits he watches every episode of MasterChef for this very strange reason

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2 Apr 2024, 11:53

MasterChef UK logo, Gregg Wallace

Credit: BBC

MasterChef judge Gregg Wallace has revealed the very bizarre reason he insists on watching every episode of the BBC cooking competition. 

He’s been co-presenting the foodie series with John Torode since 2005, and the pair also front the Celebrity and Professional versions too. 

MasterChef in its current incarnation turns 20 this year and despite hundreds of episodes to watch, Gregg admitted he’s devoured them all - and it’s all down to his fashion choices. 

Speaking to OK!, Gregg confessed: “I watch because I want to look at what shirts look better than others – there are some outfits I’m not wearing again.”

For co-star John, he shared that he only watches the “occasional” episode but has noticed a change his appearance. 

“I went grey,” he joked, before Gregg chimed in: “And I would have gone grey if I had hair!”

Speaking about what makes their on-screen relationship work, the restauranter said: "It’s trust. It’s knowing that you have the confidence to be you, the confidence that your partner isn’t competitive, the confidence that you and your partner have exactly the same outlook…

“The first thing we do on set is say hello to each other. Then we face each other from about two feet away, and are there for a good hour. And that is the start of our MasterChef day – and it has been for 20 years. If we didn’t get on, there is no way we could do it.”

Gregg’s MasterChef revelations came after he went viral for his “magnificently Patridgian” Saturday routine. 

Described by many readers as reminiscent of some of Steve Coogan’s famous Alan Partridge’s best lines, the presenter’s contribution to The Telegraph’s regular My Saturday column featured all manner of perplexing statements.

Featuring everything from starting the day with a walk on a treadmill to beloved breakfasts at the Harvester restaurant chain, afternoons spent “manifesting”, and a dislike of evening biscuit eating, every line provided more and more fascinating insights into the star's day-to-day life.

Many readers took to social media to share their favourite moments from the article, with one person deeming the food lover’s ode to Harvesters as simply “Superb”. Others said the feature was “A total masterpiece… The gym bit, the harvester… everything about it. Thank you”.

“Looking forward to Gregg Wallace’s new partnership with the salad bar at Harvester,” another person wittily suggested. 

MasterChef continues Wednesday 3rd April at 9pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.