Derry Girls' Siobhan McSweeney shares delight at being 'Disney Princess' just like her former co-star

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30 Mar 2024, 15:27

Credit: Getty/Channel4

Derry Girls' Siobhan McSweeney goes from Headmistress Sister Michael to a 'Disney Princess' in new show Extraordinary.

Siobhan McSweeney, best known for her role as the acid-tongued Sister Michael in Derry Girls, is basking in the glow of her latest venture, Disney+'s Extraordinary, and reflecting on the unexpected turns her career has taken.

At the RTS Awards, where Extraordinary was nominated for a Scripted Comedy award, McSweeney couldn't contain her excitement.

"It feels amazing to be here. I've quite liked the RTS. It's always a great night out if nothing else," she quipped in her trademark witty style.

"What I also love is the fact that Extraordinary is beginning to get its recognition. We're already on series two, but this is for series one. And it feels very exciting for what the future can hold."

And hold it did! Extraordinary went on to win the award, marking a significant milestone for the superhero comedy series.

In the show McSweeney plays Mary, the mother of the one character Jen, Máiréad Tyers, who, in a world of people with super powers, seems to be the only one without any special abilities to speak of, aside from being that one person without powers.

Reflecting on the show's success, McSweeney drew parallels to her Derry Girls days.

"They were the funniest scripts I read since Derry Girls," she enthused. "It's great to have that validation, so fingers crossed."

Speaking of the show she's most famous for, McSweeney shared a delightful reunion moment at the event after it was pointed out to her that Derry Girls alum, Dylan Llewlyn, was also there on the night of the awards

Wondering about the possibility, McSweeney was then asked if the cast all still keep in touch.

"Absolutely," she affirmed. "Tonight is also the screening for Louisa [Harland]'s show Renegade Nell."

Harland, known for her role as the quirky Orla McCool in Derry Girls, now stars as the titular character in Renegade Nell, a series set in the 18th century, is also on Disney+.

The female highway man, Nell Jackson, after having been framed for murder, becomes one of the most feared criminals in Britain.

However, her path looks set to take an even bigger diversion when she meets a household spirit called Billy Blind, who advises her that she should set her sights much higher.

The show has already been lauded since it's premiere, 29th March, on the streaming platform with much of the praise been thrown upon Harland,

McSweeney expressed immense pride in her former co-star's success, highlighting the excitement surrounding the show's premiere.

"To think that Orla McCool and Sister Michael would be Disney princesses. The world is strange," McSweeney mused, reflecting on the unexpected paths their careers have taken.

Despite her newfound recognition, McSweeney still gets asked to repeat her best Sister Michael lines. "They love, 'if you are bored or upset then please do not come crying to me,'" she chuckled. "People just love her, which is really weird because she would hate them."

As McSweeney continues to shine in her diverse roles, from headmistress to potential Disney princess, fans eagerly anticipate what comedic gems she'll deliver next. Whether she's ruling the school or saving the day as a superhero mom, Siobhan McSweeney's talent knows no bounds.