Davina McCall on My Mum, Your Dad series 2 filming - and how there's still time to get involved

Virgin Radio

20 Mar 2024, 13:03

Davina McCall and the cast of My Mum Your Dad series one

Credit: Getty/ITV

Davina McCall has shared an update on My Mum, Your Dad series 2 - revealing there’s still time for singletons and their children to get involved.

Speaking with virginradio.co.uk while promoting her partnership with beauty brand Garnier, the proud host of the middle aged dating programme revealed the highly-anticipated second series was in early production.

“We haven’t filmed it,” she said. “[But] we have cast quite a lot of it,” she revealed. That said: “I think we are still looking for men, so if there are any people that want to put their dads forward for the show, there’s a link in my bio on my Instagram, go and apply for your dad.”

The former Big Brother presenter added: “It’s called My Mum, Your Dad, so it does need to be a kid that’s applying. Lots of people say ‘What about, you know, [just] single people,’ but it’s for mums and dads because their kids are involved.”

Last year’s popular first series saw the single parents’ children secretly get involved with matchmaking their parents, but since its success the second season will be unable to keep the same secretive aspect. 

Opening up about how the producers will change things up for series two, Davina teased some “spice” would be added to the show even if the main format is staying the same.

“I might be on hand a little bit more,” she also revealed. “[And] we’re gonna get lots of experts and things to come on the show, which will be great.”

Opening up about her partnership with Garnier, the Comic Relief host said: “What’s mad is, I have been an ambassador for Garnier for 20 years… After the birth of my second child, quite soon after that, I started working for Garnier, and today… she’s 20!”

My Mum, Your Dad will return to ITV1 and ITVX in the future.