Fans react as an angry Millie Bobby Brown tells people what to NEVER do when making tea

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28 Feb 2024, 17:47

Fans react as Millie Bobby Brown tells people what to NEVER do when making tea

Credit: Netflix / X

Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown has caused a tea-making frenzy. The Damsel actor has very sternly urged the general public to abide by her tea-brewing tips and to never make it in a microwave.

The post, courtesy of Netflix, shows the Eleven star pouring a cup of tea, with the caption: "Don't you EVER microwave your tea in front of Millie Bobby Brown!!! Damsel premieres March 8!"

The Enola Holmes star says: "Never, ever heat your tea in the microwave. This is like, not even just content. That is disgusting. I'm going to teach you heathens how to do it right. Ok, so you're going to get your little sieve.

"Pop it over the tea cup. And I like to have quite a strong tea. So I'm going to fill it up over halfway. If you put milk in first, you're an amateur. How can you determine how strong, what colour if you put the milk in first?

"We're going to do a splash. Let me mix. This is white sugar. And I'm just gonna put one in. Now, if it was in a bigger mug, I'd put two in. And if I was in England I would use Half Spoon sugar - which is so bad for you. It's sweetener. The best. In you go. OK, mix, mix, mix. Pinkie up. This is actually a lovely cup of tea. You'd actually be shocked. That was very nice."

Viewers commented: "Who microwaves tea?"

A second added: "Will definitely keep in mind not to microwave my tea in front of Millie Bobby Brown!"

"Me trying to raise my half litter tea cup with the pinky up..." remarked another.

Millie Bobby Brown

Credit: Netflix / X

Millie Bobby Brown

Credit: Netflix / X

"I'm putting my tea in the microwave as we speak. No one will stop me and I don't care. It will taste the same. Sue me," said one adamant person.

"You just need to learn how to microwave tea properly. The secret is to use the popcorn setting. Perfect tea every time," advised another.

"Just never microwave your tea in the UK, you will be exiled for the rest of your life!!" urged a user.

"I thought she was American," quipped another.


Credit: Netflix

Brown previously told EatingWell about her other hydrating habits. She said: "When I drink water when I have acne, it's literally [my] best pimple repair ever. And the best jet lag repair ever! I actually was doing an event once and I said, 'Oh, I might need a coffee. I'm really going to fall asleep.'

"My close friend said, 'Just drink a bottle of water.' And I said, 'You want me to drink a bottle of water? That's not going to wake me up.' But I drank the bottle of water and it truly woke me up. I felt better and I think that was a huge lesson for me. So now all I do is drink water, and it actually is my coffee!"

In her upcoming movie Damsel, Brown stars as Princess Elodie, 'a young noblewoman who learns her husband-to-be intends to sacrifice her to repay an ancient debt — but she won't go quietly'.

Damsel will arrive on Netflix on March 8.