Reacher star Alan Ritchson reveals how failing Marvel audition had ‘life changing’ consequences

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28 Feb 2024, 15:18

Alan Ritchson smiling at a red carpet event and Chris Hemsworth as Thor

Credit: Getty/Marvel

Reacher star Alan Ritchson has opened up about why he thinks his failed audition for Marvel’s Thor changed his career trajectory.

Revealing in a recent interview with Men’s Health that prior to his lead role in the hit Prime Video series he had tried out for several superhero roles, Ritchson explained “ruefully” that he “didn’t take [his Thor audition] seriously”.

“I was like, ‘They’ll throw me the part if I look like the guy; nobody really cares about acting,’” he admitted. He was later been told by the casting team that the role had been his to lose, but that he had lost it because he hadn’t demonstrated “the craft” needed for it.

The lead role of Thor in the 2011 Sir Kenneth Branagh-directed Marvel Origin story went eventually to Chris Hemsworth. In the meantime, Ritchson began taking acting classes in order to improve his performance skills for the next time a big role came his way.

These classes paid off, as while Ritchson still had some time before catching what might be called his ‘big-break’ in Reacher, he still gained roles in major shows including Black Mirror, New Girl and Brooklyn Nine-Nine on the back of his improved audition efforts.

Once the actor debuted in Reacher’s lead role in 2022, he was suddenly inundated with offers for other roles in a way he’d never been before. “I had about 50 offers the weekend after season one of Reacher opened,” he shared, adding: “I knew my life had changed.”

With the life-changing role now safely in his grasp, Ritchson can continue reaping its success with the other projects which he takes on as a result. Meanwhile, with Reacher season two having recently come to an end, the lead star has already confirmed to fans via social media that another series is in production.

Reacher season one and two are available to watch now on Prime Video.