Death in Paradise creator’s The Marlow Murder Club is coming soon - all the details 

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28 Feb 2024, 15:20

L-R, Jo Martin, Samantha Bond, Cara Horgan

Credit: UKTV Play

A new drama from Death in Paradise creator Robert Thorogood is set to arrive on our screens very soon.

As well as being the screenwriter who created hit BBC drama Death in Paradise, Thorogood is also a novelist, and an adaptation of his 2021 murder mystery novel, The Marlow Murder Club, is set to premiere next month.

Here’s everything you need to know:

Who is in The Marlow Murder Club?

The new drama stars Samantha Bond, who is perhaps best known for playing Miss Moneypenny to Pierce Brosnan’s James Bond, and for her role on Downton Abbey as Lady Rosamund Painswick. 

Also starring in the show is Jo Martin. The actor played Ruth Clayton/Fugitive Doctor in the  Doctor Who, and was also in Holby City. 

Peep Show’s Cara Horgan and Natalie Dew from Sandylands also feature. 

What is The Marlow Murder Club about?

Retired archaeologist Judith Potts (played by Bond) lives a quiet life in a mansion in Marlow. Her gentle existence of setting crosswords for the local newspaper takes a turn when, while wild swimming in the Thames, she hears a gunshot coming from a neighbour’s garden and reckons that a murder has taken place.

With the police remaining unconvinced, Judith teams up with local dog-walker Suzie (played by Martin) and vicar’s wife Becks (Horgan), to begin their own investigation. 

Natalie Dew’s DS Tanika Malik tasks the gang to assist with the official police investigation.

When does The Marlow Murder Club start?

The Marlow Murder Club begins on Wednesday 6th March at 8pm. 

How can I watch The Marlow Murder Club?

 The Marlow Murder Club will air on Drama and UKTV Play. 

How many episodes of The Marlow Murder Club are there?

Blink and you’ll miss it, because there are only two episodes in the series, and they are on consecutive nights.

Following the first episode on Wednesday 6th March, the second and final part airs the following night, Thursday 7th March at 8pm.

What are the stars saying about The Marlow Murder Club?

Cara Horgan told Radio Times: "In terms of tone and look, because Marlow itself is so beautiful and picturesque, but the narrative of our show is really dark, I think it works really well as a sort of juxtaposition, because the things that are happening in the script are really gruesome, and we're in an absolutely picturesque middle England.

"And it's a really nice contrast to have these things going on at once. So we very much tried to make it look beautiful, but real, natural, where we can."

In a statement last year, creator Robert Thorogood said: “After over a decade of working on Death in Paradise, I’m thrilled to be creating a brand-new murder mystery series for TV. I can’t wait for audiences to join Judith, Becks and Suzie on their adventures as they solve a series of fiendishly puzzling murders."

The Marlow Murder Club will air on Drama and UKTV Play on 6th and 7th March at 8pm.