Ricky Wilson reveals how radio ideas he 'can't say' on air became part of Kaiser Chiefs' Easy Eighth album

Virgin Radio

28 Feb 2024, 12:53

Credit: Getty / Kaiser Chiefs

Kaiser Chiefs frontman and Virgin Radio afternoons host Ricky Wilson has his on-air experience to thank for some of the band’s new music. 

Ricky and his bandmates - Andrew White, Simon Rix, Nick Baines and Vijay Mistry - are back with their next record, the Easy Eighth Album, which is out on Friday. 

Before the Kaiser Chiefs drop some brand new music, virginradio.co.uk sat down with Ricky to get the lowdown on the upcoming record, and he confessed that when he’s on air on Virgin Radio UK (4pm-7pm weekdays!) that he’ll often make note of the things that would be perfect in the studio…just not the radio one.

“The benefit of working on the radio is it's a daily mental workout,” Ricky told us. “I get to think about things a lot and that helps. I think it's really helped being on the radio because I get to talk to people and kind of work out problems in my own head. Then all I have to do is think of three minutes of lyrics, which isn't a lot.”

While there wasn’t one moment Ricky could recall that inspired some of his latest lyrics, there have been the odd bits that wouldn’t be allowed on air that found a home on Easy Eighth. 

“There’s a lot more you can say on a record than you can say on live radio,” he shared. “So maybe I've thought to myself, ‘I'll save that. That’s a rhyme that I can use.’ 

“I won't say it live on air because I don't know what OFCOM will have to say about that. But if you say it on a record, no one can complain. Maybe it’s a kind of a receptacle for my things I can't say live on the radio.”

Ricky and the rest of the indie rockers will be on The Chris Evans Breakfast Show with cinch on Friday and even then, there might even be some lyrics that won’t make it to air, but for a totally different reason. 

He elaborated: “It’s weird because all the songs that have been out there so far, the single,  although might appear tame on the surface, lyrically, there's a lot more deep meaning to them. 

“The ones they haven't decided to put out as singles are...there's some swearing. There’s some effing and jeffing and I don't really do that on records, but I've done it on this one.

“There's a few questionable lyrics on the record... that I would have changed if I thought about it too much.”

Overthinking it wasn’t the aim for Ricky, who wanted to keep to the “original spark of excitement” about making an easy record now they’re nearly 20 years in the music game. 

“I think it’s better for it,” he considered. “I have a tendency to iron out the creases. The creases are what makes it interesting.”

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Kaiser Chiefs’ Easy Eighth Album is out on Friday. For details about their upcoming tour and their ticket presale, head to: kaiserchiefs.com.

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