Fans react as Peter Andre tries TikTok watermelon challenge to replicate pregnancy by strapping melons to his body

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28 Feb 2024, 12:23

Fans react as Peter Andre tries TikTok watermelon challenge to replicate pregnancy

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Peter Andre has amused followers by attempting the TikTok watermelon challenge to see what it feels like to be heavily pregnant and attached melons to his body with cling film.

The Mysterious Girl singer is expecting his third child with his doctor wife, Emily MacDonagh, and took part in the social media pregnancy-based challenge.

The presenter shared a video on Instagram of the experiment alongside his pregnant wife who fixed the melons onto his chest and stomach with cling film.

Tickled fans have watched as he tried to get in a car and wear high heeled boots, Andre wrote: “What a melon. Watermelon challenge… piece of cake.”

Peter Andre and the TikTok challenge

Credit: Instagram

He told followers: “Emily’s bump is quite small and even though these melons might be slightly exaggerated, the ratio of melon to bump is, I think we’re quite spot on in a way.”

Struggling to stand on his feet while getting up from a sofa, getting trapped in the car with cramp and rolling around uncomfortably in bed, the singer has amused fans with his efforts.

Slumped in the kitchen, he said of finishing emptying the dishwasher: “Oh, I would be done, I would be absolutely done, I’m not doing that."

The GB News presenter has a son Theo, and a daughter Amelia, with MacDonagh who he has been married to since 2015.

The singer also shares son, Junior, and daughter, Princess Tiaamii with former wife Katie Price.

Fans commented: "That watermelon isn't even as big as baby belly gets."

"Brilliant, that's the way," said a second.

"Now let him try the labour," suggested a third.

"Hilarious but so glad you now know what it’s like. Try fastening your shoe laces. That’s a challenge," commented another.

Peter Andre pregnant

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"I especially liked it when you got behind the wheel of the car and got cramp. I laughed so much. Thank you for cheering me up. Well done for having a go," applauded a follower.

"Never laughed so much for ages. What a good sport you are, Peter," praised another.

His son Junior jokingly added: "Imagine walking downstairs to your dad with melons strapped to himself."

Emily told Loose Women recently about her pregnancy: "It's been harder and I don't know if it's because I'm older or because I have two kids already. 

Peter Andre tries pregnancy

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"It has definitely been a little bit more challenging but I think that's going to be expected isn't it.

"The more pregnancies you have I guess that get a little bit more challenging but I love it and it's a precious time and I can't believe it's coming to an end which makes me think I really need to relish these times."

She added: "We are mostly ready. Peter is so hands on, he's making sure I don't carry anything and he's helping me up the stairs, all of these things."