Leigh Francis reveals the one question he can't wait to answer in upcoming 'The Autobiography '

Virgin Radio

24 Feb 2024, 16:32

L to R: Leigh Francis

Credit: Getty/HarperCollins

Virgin Radio's Saturday afternoons host prepares to set the record straight on one particularly persistent question.

Leigh Francis, the comedic genius behind characters like Keith Lemon and the irreverent star of Bo' Selecta, is gearing up to unveil the untold tales of his rollercoaster ride in showbiz.

The Virgin Radio host has confirmed the imminent release of his autobiography, aptly titled 'The Autobiography,' promising to answer burning questions that fans have been firing at him for years.

Scheduled for publication by HarperCollins on September 12th, the memoir pledges to uncover the mysteries surrounding Leigh's foray into television, the genesis of his iconic characters, and the perennial queries like: "Are Keith Lemon and Leigh Francis the same person?"

In a statement, the Bo' Selecta star hinted at the revelation of his innermost secrets: "Not many people know that much about who I am just as myself. But I feel very privileged to have the opportunities I’ve had."

Expect the unexpected as Leigh promises to peel back the layers and share his life's silliness with readers.

With a career spanning over two decades, Leigh's autobiography is poised to serve up a delightful mix of anecdotes from his early days on Comedy Central to the breakthrough moments on Bo' Selecta.

Fans can anticipate a whirlwind journey through the entertainment industry, sprinkled with the unique humour that has made Leigh Francis a household name.

As the announcement sent ripples of excitement through his fanbase, Leigh took a moment to address one particularly persistent question during an exclusive interview with Virgin Radio: "Most people always ask me where Holly Willoughby is. And I don't know why they think I would know. They think we all hang out together all the time."

He went on to share nostalgic moments of hanging out with Fearne Cotton and Holly Willoughby before they became parents, highlighting the difference between TV friendships and those with real mates.

But he also added: "At do's, we all sort of reunite and stand in the corner together."

Discussing another potentially prickly question that has followed Francis through his career is his relationship with the musician Craig David, Leigh candidly recounted the ups and downs.

He said: "Most people always say, 'Are you friends with Craig David?' And I always was, but then he became upset with me. And then we bumped into each other at Fearne's wedding, which was lovely, hugged it out.

"And I said to him, you know, you know what I thought of you. And they said it was all just banter and we hugged and I said you should come on Celebrity Juice.

"He said, 'I will, when I've got some new music coming out,' but he didn't and then last year I think it was a year before I can't remember, he had a book out and he was saying that he was upset about me still."

The mishap involving a Bill Clinton mask and a beard-drawing episode was acknowledged with an apology, with Leigh making clear that it's ancient history and not worth the clickbait.

Leigh Francis, the maestro of mirth, is ready to spill the beans, share a laugh, and take readers on a side-splitting journey through his unparalleled career.

'The Autobiography' is set to be a comedic masterpiece that peeks behind the curtains of one of the entertainment industry's most enigmatic minds. Get ready to dive into the hilarity on September 12th!

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The Autobiography will be published by HarperCollins on 12th September, and tickets for Leigh Francis: My First Time Tour are available to buy on trafalgartickets.com.