Graham Norton announces he’s stepping down from weekends on Virgin Radio

Virgin Radio

24 Feb 2024, 12:17

L to R: Graham Norton

Graham Norton bids adieu to weekends on Virgin Radio, but it's not goodbye!

Fans of The Graham Norton Radio Show with Waitrose on Virgin Radio were in for a surprise as the charismatic host made a rather unexpected announcement during his weekend show.

Ever the consummate professional, Graham Norton gently broke the news to his loyal fanbase: "The show isn't quite the normal show today because I have a bit of an announcement to make. I'm a kind of off. I'm leaving weekends here at Virgin Radio, I'll still be kind of popping up on the station from time to time. But my regular Saturdays and Sundays, I, I'm stepping away."

This revelation marked the end of a remarkable 13-year journey for Norton, who has been working as a weekend host for both Virgin Radio and his predecessor for that entire time period.

As life takes new turns, Norton expressed a desire to reclaim his weekends, saying: "I've worked weekends between here and the old place for 13 years, and my life has changed a bit. So I just thought, well, I want my weekends back."

To bid farewell in style, Norton is set to host the next two shows, a heartfelt gesture to thank his dedicated listeners.

The reins will then be handed over to the talented Angela Scanlon, a familiar voice on Virgin Radio and the nation's favourite, well at least we think so, Strictly Come Dancing contestant.

Scanlon is slated to take the lead for the next few weeks, bringing her unique flair and energy to the weekend mornings.

As the weekend show transitions, Graham Norton assures fans that this is not a complete departure.

He remains an integral part of the Virgin Radio family and hints at occasional surprise appearances in the future.

Norton, ever the showman, ensured his farewell had a touch of anticipation, stating: "I think there'll be various announcements after that about people who will be in front of this microphone keeping you entertained on Saturday and Sunday mornings."

In an official statement, Norton further elaborated on his decision, saying: "The time has come for me to hang up my headphones for my weekend show here at Virgin Radio. I’ve had a brilliant time here with Maria, Show Chef Martha along with my guests and the rest of the team on the Graham Norton Radio Show with Waitrose, but I am looking forward to having my weekends off for the first time in 13 years!"

While Norton bids adieu to the regular weekend slot, his positive parting words assure fans that this is merely a break.

He quipped: "It’s certainly not a goodbye, I’ll still be popping up here from time to time on Virgin Radio, and I’m looking forward to returning when I do."

Virgin Radio listeners are encouraged to stay tuned for the next few weeks as exciting announcements and guest hosts are teased, promising a vibrant and entertaining weekend lineup in the post-Graham era.

As Norton takes a well-deserved weekend breather, the anticipation builds for the fresh voices and personalities set to grace the Virgin Radio airwaves.