The Simpsons showrunner, Paddington writer and Richard Ayoade revealed for Bill Bryson animation - details

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12 Feb 2024, 17:15

Bill Bryson and his book A Really Short History of Everything

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Bill Bryson’s bestselling book A Short History of Nearly Everything is set for an animated adaptation with some very famous names attached.

Popular comedian and IT Crowd star Richard Ayoade will be narrating the adaptation, which the show’s production companies Altitude (who are also currently working on a Wombles remake) and Brouhaha Entertainment are hoping will become a long-running entertainment franchise, Deadline reports.

The book is being adapted for an animated TV series by former The Simpsons’ showrunner Josh Weinstein and Jason Hazeley - a screenwriter whose work includes contributions to the Paddington franchise's writers room.

Published over 20 years ago in 2003, A Short History of Nearly Everything attempts - as the name suggests - to cover the history of all things, in simple terms anyone can understand.

The book is filled with stories about the people at the heart of many of science’s greatest discoveries, and the animated show will focus on bringing these stories from the page to life, with comedic narration from Ayoade.

Commenting on the production, Bryson himself said: “I feel very lucky to have such a gifted and distinguished group of creative talents turning my words into screen magic.”

Meanwhile, Altitude Co-CEO Will Clarke shared: “Bill’s brilliant mind expands beyond the hugely impressive number of books he’s sold and is arguably a global brand in its own right. 

“We know from broadcasters and streamers that audiences are hungry to explore and learn more about our universe whilst being entertained and our series – which we envisage as a long-running entertainment franchise – is the perfect way to deliver that."

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